Thursday 3 September 1914 – We Lost 35

by greatwarliveslost

Corporal Charles Ernest Garforth (Hussars) when under fire extricates a sergeant whose horse has been shot and by opening fire for three minutes enables the sergeant to get safely away.  For this action and that of 23rd August, Corporal Garforth will be awarded the Victoria Cross.

An infantry brigade under Brigadier General James M Stewart arrives at Mombasa.  This is the first contingent of what will be labeled the Indian Expeditionary Force ‘C’.

After discussions between Winston Churchill and Lord Kitchener the cabinet agrees that the Admiralty will formally assume responsibility for home air defense.

A mine sinks the torpedo boat HMS Speedy thirty miles off the Humber River in the North Sea.  An officer’s steward is killed.  Another mine off the Outer Dowsing sinks the hired drifter Lindsell (Skipper Charles A Woodgate killed at age 30).  Four others are lost.

Admiral Cradock signals the Admiralty “HMS Good Hope arrived at Fernando Noronha. HMS Cornwall is proceeding south.  HMS Glasgow is proceeding with HMS Monmouth and HMS Otranto to Magellan Straits, where German colliers reported, and where concentration of German cruisers from China, Pacific and Atlantic appears possible”.

  • Son of a Baronet and Justice of the Peace office holder

Lieutenant Lynton Woolmer White (Dragoon Guards) dies of wounds received in action at the Affair of Nery at age 28.  He is the son of ‘Sir’ Woolmer Rudolph Donati White JP the 1st Baronet.