Friday 4 September 1914 – We Lost 70 (Plus 1)

by greatwarliveslost

Guildhall speech

Mr. Herbert H Asquith gives a speech at Guildhall justifying Britain’s entrance into the Great War. He appeals to the patriotism of the citizens of London, emphasizing the efforts made to preserve peace and paying tribute to the splendid response of the British Empire to the call to arms.

Today’s losses include:

  • Son of a Baronet
  • Multiple examples of the first son of a family that will lose another in the war
  • A man whose brother in law will be killed in exactly two months

Today’s highlighted casualty is

Lieutenant Percy Voltelin Heath (Royal Horse Guards) dies of wounds received last month at Mons at age 26.  He is the son of ‘Sir’ James Heath, the 1st Baronet. He is the brother in law of Captain George Millais James who will be killed in November.

  • Private Harry Teanby(Irish Guards) is killed at age 27. His brother will be killed while serving in the merchant service in February 1916.
  • Private Ernest Leonard Dowden (Grenadier Guards) is killed at age 20. His brother will die of wounds in August 1918.

The plus one is:

  • Oszkar Demjan who is killed in action at age 22. He is a Hungarian breaststroke swimmer who competed in the 1912 Olympic games.