Wednesday 16 September 1914 – We Lost 256 (Plus 1)

by greatwarliveslost

Military Cross

Military Cross

Trooper Frederick Charles Booth (British South Africa Police) dives into the Zambesi at Kakugril and saves the life of a troop horse that has broken loose and swims into thick reeds on the steep river bank where it is unable either to get a footing or extract itself.  Trooper Booth will later be awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in action in 1917.

Today’s losses include:

  • An heir to one Baron and another Baroness whose sons will later succeed to the Barony
  • The son of a Member of Parliament
  • The first of two men who will make the same woman a widow in the war
  • Fathers of children born after their death
  • Sons of clergy, a judge, and a Baronet
  • A member of the first Military Cross awards class
  • First son from a family that will lose two sons
  • Father of a son who will be killed in the Second World War
  • Grandfather of a champion racehorse trainer
  • Uncle of a man named for him who will be killed in the Second World War
  • Grandson of a member of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (the mother of the sport of Curling)
  • A Scottish International Rugby player
  • Captain of the Grantham Town Cricket Club

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

 Captain George Armand Furse (Royal Field Artillery) dies of wounds at age 34.  His widow will marry Major Ernest Cole Fleming (Royal Field Artillery) who will be killed in 1917. She is the granddaughter of the Chief Constable of Hampshire and the Reverend Frederick Wickham Master of Winchester College. Captain Furse will also have a brother killed in action in May 1918.

  • Captain ‘the Honorable’ William Amherst Cecil MC(Grenadier Guards) is killed by a sniper at age 28.  He is the son of Lord William Cecil CVO and Baroness Amherst. He will be among the 1st 99 officers to be awarded the Military Cross. His first son will become the 3rd Baron Amherst of Hackney and his second son will be killed in North Africa in November 1942. His grandson is the champion race horse trainer ‘Sir’ Richard Henry Amherst Cecil.
  • Captain Charles William Banbury (Coldstream Guards) the only son of the Right Honorable Frederick George Banbury MP, Baronet, later the 1st Baron Banbury, dies of wounds at age 36. He was the Aide de Campe to Lieutenant General ‘Sir’ J M Grierson at the time of that officer’s death. His second child and only son will be born on 18 May and become the 2nd Baron Banbury.
  • Captain Harry Brocklesby Bartram(Royal Horse Artillery) dies at home at age 36. He is the only son of the Reverend Canon Henry Bartram.
  • Captain Arthur Roe Montgomery Roe (Dorsetshire Regiment) dies of wounds received one week prior at age 32. He is the son of ‘Sir’ Charles Roe Knight and son-in-law of ‘Sir’ William Wiseman RN Baronet.
  • Captain Gerald Ernest Lea (Worcestershire Regiment) dies of wounds at age 37. He is the son of His Honour Judge Harris Lea and a veteran of the South African War. His only child will be born on 28 October.
  • Lieutenant Hugh Mockler-Ferryman (Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry) is killed at Aisne at age 22. He is the grandson of ‘Sir’ C Whitehead who was a member of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, the mother club of the sport of curling.
  • Lieutenant Victor Maynard Gordon Gordon-Ives (Coldstream Guards) is killed at age 24. His nephew, who is named after him, will be killed on 22 January 1944 at age 22 in Italy.
  • Lieutenant James Laidlaw Huggan(Royal Army Medical Corps attached Coldstream Guards) is killed at age 24. He is a Scottish International Rugby Football player who played for London Scottish RFC and for Jed Forest Rugby Club, and had taken part in the last rugby international before the war, the Calcutta Cup match at Inverleith (Edinburgh) in March of this year. He scored one of the three tries in that match. John Will who scored the other two will be killed in 1917.
  • Lieutenant Richard William Gregory Welby(Grenadier Guards) is killed at age 25.  He is the son of ‘Sir’ Charles Gregory Earle Welby CB the 5th Baronet and is Captain of the Grantham Town Cricket Club.
  • Second Lieutenant Arthur Beddome Read (Somerset Light Infantry is killed at age 23. He is a member of MCC and rugby forward for the Richmond Rugby Club.
  • Gunner E C Howard (North Western Coast Defence Royal Garrison Artillery) dies at age 25. His brother will be killed in the Great War.

The Plus 1

  • Louis Desire Bach killed at age 31 who as a French football player earned a silver medal as a member of Club Francaise at the 1900 Olympics.

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