Saturday 19 September 1914 – We Lost 177 (Plus 1)

A small South African force lands at Luderitzbucht, German South West Africa.

Captain Harry Sherwood Ranken (Royal Army Medical Corps) will be awarded the Victoria Cross for tending to the wounded in the trenches under rifle and shrapnel fire at Hautvesnes on this and the preceding day.  On this day he is seriously wounded as his thigh and leg are shattered.  He will die of his wounds in less than a week.

At Missy under a heavy shell fire Lieutenant Robert Bradford Flint (Royal Engineers) assists Captain W H Johnson in working all the day until 19:00.  With their own hands and two rafts they bring back wounded and return with ammunition, thus enabling the advance brigade to maintain its position on the other side of the river. For this they will be awarded the Distinguished Service Order. Lieutenant Flint will be killed in January 1915.

Today’s losses include:

  • Grandson of the 3rd and last Baron Gardner of Uttoxeter
  • Grandson of a Baronet
  • Multiple examples of sons of a family that will lose two sons
  • A man whose sister will be killed in the blitz in 1940
  • Grandson of clergy

Today’s highlighted casualty is

Lieutenant Eric Onslow Cruikshank (Wiltshire Regiment) is killed at age 21. His brother will be killed four days short of two years from this day serving in the Royal Flying Corps and their sister will be killed during the blitz in September 1940 serving in the London Auxiliary Ambulance Service of the YMCA Central Club.

  • Captain William Alan Fuller-Maitland (Coldstream Guards) is killed at age 32. He is the grandson of the 3rd Baron Gardner of Uttoxeter and he served in the South African War.
  • Captain Rosslyn Curzon Evelegh (Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry) is killed at age 29. His brother will be killed on Gallipoli next July.
  • Captain Henry Grattan Elliot (Devonshire Regiment) is killed on the Aisne at age 33. He is a veteran of the South African War and an ancestor of General G A Eliott and kinsman of the Earl of Minto Defender of Gibraltar Lord Heathfield. He has two brothers in service, including Captain G A Elliot (Irish Regiment) who is one of thirty nine British officers subjected to reprisals by the German government on account of British differential treatment of officers of German submarines who sank unarmed merchant ships. His uncles are Generals William Elliott and W O Barnard.
  • Lieutenant Claude Henry (Worcestershire Regiment) is killed at age 33. He is the grandson of ‘Sir’ J H Pelly Baronet.
  • Lieutenant Cyril Cazelet Harrison (Worcestershire Regiment) is killed at the battle of the Aisne at age 23. His brother will be killed in October 1916.
  • Lieutenant Herbert James Graham Gilmour (Worcestershire Regiment) is killed at Vailly at age 31 attempting to save men under heavy fire. He is the grandson of Reverend J Cook and a member of the Worcestershire County Cricket Club and St John’s Worcester.

The Plus 1

  • Charles De Vendeville age 32 was French swimmer who won a Gold Medal in the 1900 Olympics in “under water swimming” and also competed in Water Polo.