Monday 28 September 1914 – We Lost 66

by greatwarliveslost

HMS Chatham arrives at Zanzibar. She discovers that Captain Ingles of the HMS Pegasus has been busy fortifying the harbor against another raid. He has managed to salvage the cruiser’s 4-inch guns, which luckily had fallen free of the ship when she capsized.

Lance Corporal Frederick William Dobson (Coldstream Guards) will be awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous gallantry at Chavanne (Aisne) in bringing into cover, on two occasions under heavy fire, wounded men who are lying exposed in the open. Lance Corporal Albert Victor Brown of the same regiment will be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for assisting to remove into safety the wounded that are lying exposed in the open on this day.  He will be killed on 5 November 1914.

This day sees two Bristol Scout single-seater aircraft join active Royal Flying Corps squadrons in France. This is the first allocation in the field of a type of aircraft which will be used primarily for air fighting – the fast single-seater scout – and as such it demonstrates a crucial new awareness, that of opposing combatants in the sky. The new offensive mood is evident in the armament these machines receive.  Fifth Squadron hastily fixes a Lee-Enfield rifle angled off from the propeller arc, provides a Mauser pistol to the pilot and attaches an external rack with five hand grenades.  Third Squadron also fits a rifle on each side of the Scout’s fuselage, angled at 45 degrees.

  • Son of a battalion commander
  • Daughter born tomorrow
  • Son of clergy
Braine Communal Cemetery

Braine Communal Cemetery

  • Captain Julian Alan Spencer Mitchell (Shropshire Light Infantry) dies of wounds at age 28. He is the son of Temporary Lieutenant Colonel Spencer Mitchell commanding 20th Manchester Regiment. His daughter was born yesterday. He is buried in Braine Communal Cemetery
  • Captain and Adjutant Alexander Marjoribanks (Sikhs) dies of cholera at Datta Khel, India at age 35. He is the son of the late Reverend George Marjoribanks and served in the Somaliland and Mohmand Expeditions in 1902 and 1908.