Monday 5 October – We Lost 68

by greatwarliveslost

Royal Naval Division

Three additional British Naval Brigades, a total of 6,000 additional men, of the Royal Naval Division are sent to Antwerp.

Mines from a British minefield off the Belgian coast sink two hired trawlers. Confusion over the positioning of British mines, laid as cover for the Ostende & Zeebrugge landings, led to the Admiralty ordering two groups of minesweepers on the Kentish coast to West Hinder. By the time of their recall, Princess Beatrice (Skipper Alexander Hall) and Drumoak (Skipper Robert Smith Ellington RNR) have disappeared killing twenty one men including both of the skippers. Also lost on the Drumoak is her Skippers brother Engineman James Bryce Ellington. The merchant ship Farn is captured by SMS Karlsruhe one hundred forty miles southwest from St. Paul’s Rocks.  She will be interned at San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she will be held until the United States enters the war.

Field guns transported by HMS Cumberland and HMS Challenger are sent up to reinforce the light caliber French artillery and four hundred tirailleurs are landed at Pitti from a flotilla of small craft. A turning movement is attempted but fails for in spite of tremendous efforts the troops are “unable to make headway through such appalling, impenetrable country under sustained machine gun fire.”

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