Thursday 19 November 1914 – We Lost 148

by greatwarliveslost

 Royal Flying Corps

Second and Third Squadrons form First Wing Royal Flying Corps at St. Omer.

Early this morning the 16th and 18th Brigades attack the Turkish fortress at Zain in a heavy rainstorm which slows the advance to a walk. After a bombardment the fort falls after the Turks have suffered over 1,000 casualties the remaining enemy retreating.  British cavalry is unable to pursue due to heavy mud. British casualties in the advance over 2,000 yards of open ground are 353.

The Somaliland Camel Corps and other British forces are ordered to subdue an uprising by Mohammed Abdullah Hassan who is known by the British as the “Mad Mullah”. He has been fighting them for more than twenty-years. Two days ago they launched a major assault against Hassan’s fortress at Shimber Berris. Captain Herbert William Symons (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry attached Somaliland Camel Corps) is killed today. He is the Holder of the Royal Humane Society’s testimonial for saving the life of a comrade in South Africa.

The fishing vessel Lord Carnarvon (Skipper Clifford Bird) is sunk when it strikes a mine killing her skipper and nine crew men.

 Today’s losses include:

  •  The son of a General
  • The son of Judge of the High Court of Bombay
  • The son of a Justice of the Peace
  • The Grandson of a General
  • The Grandson of a Baronet
  • The nephew of a County Judge
  • Sons of multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War
  • A Holder of the Royal Humane Society’s testimonial for life saving

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

 Captain Richard Lockington Birdwood (Indian Political Department) dies on service in Basra at age 35. He is the son of Herbert Mills Birdwood JP Judge of the High Court of Bombay and grandson of General Christopher Birdwood. He has two cousins who are killed in the first few months of the war.

  •  Captain Robert Clifford Orr (Somerset Light Infantry) is killed at age 34. He is the nephew of His Honor Judge Orr County Court Judge for County Down.
  • Captain John Frederick Strathearn Gordon(Cameronians attached Royal Scots Fusiliers) is killed at age 32. He is the son of General ‘Sir’ John J H Gordon GCB and ‘the Honorable’ Lady Gordon and the grandson of Lord Gordon of Drumearn. He served in the South African War and is both a French and Swahili Interpreter.
  • Lieutenant Robert Flint Drake (Hussars) is killed at age 22. He is the grandson of ‘Sir’ Alfred Hughes 9th
  • Second Lieutenant Arnold Housecroft (East Surrey Regiment) is killed when he is shot by a sniper at age 21. He is related to the Reverend T Housecroft of Limpenhoe Rectory Reedham Norfolk.
  • Sergeant Edward William Stringer (Scots Fusiliers) is killed at age 27. His brother will be killed in October 1917.
  • Private William Arthur Foulger (East Surrey Regiment) is killed at age 20. His brother will be killed in October 1918.

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