Sunday 22 November 1914 – We Lost 92

by greatwarliveslost

Royal Flying Corps

The BEF establishes a Machine gun school at Wisques to train new regimental officers and machine gunners both to replace those lost in the fighting to date and to increase the number of men with machine gun skills.

Lieutenants Louis Arbon Strange and F G Small (Royal Flying Corps) encounter a German two-seater while on a reconnaissance at 7,000 feet heading towards St Omer.  Lieutenant Small fires two long bursts from his Lewis gun and is in the act of changing drums when he is hit in the hand by a bullet fired by the German observer.  He successfully reloads and fires another long burst whereupon the enemy machine pulls up, stalls and sideslips to the ground near some British reserve trenches in the area of Neuve Eglise.

Airship HMA #4 collides with a shed at Barrow in a dense fog.

Today’s highlighted casualties are

  •  Major Ralph Conran Smythe (Royal Garrison Artillery) dies of wounds received two days earlier at age 35. His brother will be killed in September 1917.
  • Major Henry Bingham Whistler Smith-Rewse (Royal Field Artillery) dies of wounds received two days earlier at Ypres at age 38.  His widow is a daughter of ‘Sir’ Oliver St John KCSI resident of Mysore India.
  • Private James Brogden (Berkshire Regiment) is killed at age 28.  He is the first of three brothers who will be killed over the next two years serving their King.
  • Private Herbert Moody (East Surrey Regiment) is killed at age 28. His brother Frank will also be killed in the Great War.