Monday 7 December 1914 – We Lost 87

by greatwarliveslost

Lookouts in the Falkland Islands sight the smoke of several ships in the distance.  Expecting the arrival of the German squadron under von Spee they are relieved when the lookouts identify the tripod mast of HMS Invincible and HMS Inflexible. This brings the British warships at Port Stanley to the pre-dreadnought Canopus, the battlecruisers Invincible and Inflexible, the armoured cruisers Kent, Carnarvon and Cornwall, the light cruisers Bristol and Glasgow and the armed merchant cruiser Macedonia.

British troops begin the march from Fao to Basra. The Turks send cavalry to stop the British advance, and there are numerous skirmishes between the British infantry and the Turkish cavalry over the next few days.  The Norfolk Regiment capture the forward defences of the town of Qurna at bayonet point.

The rebel General Beyers is defeated at Bothaville and drowns on his flight in the Vaal River.

Pope Benedict XV suggests a temporary hiatus from the war for the celebration of Christmas. Though Germany readily agrees, the other powers refuse.

Today’s losses include:

  • Captain Bertram Allgood (Irish Rifles) is killed when he was shot through the heart at age 40. He is the son of Major General George Allgood CB.
  • Sapper Charles Allen (Royal Engineers) dies of wounds. His brother will be killed in July 1917.
  • Gunner Arthur Brown (Royal Field Artillery) is killed at age 24. He was a Constable for the North Eastern Railway Police.
  • Private Sidney Richard Patch (East Surrey Regiment) is killed at age 24. His brother will be killed in June 1916.