Saturday 9 January 1915 – We Lost 99

by greatwarliveslost

Lionel MacKinder is on the left

Lionel MacKinder is on the left

The capture of the last rebels in the Transvaal is announced.

Today’s losses include:

  • A Broadway and stage actor
  • The first Canadian officer to lose his life in the Great War
  • A man killed by friendly fire
  • A man whose brother will be killed in the Great War
  • A family that will lose two members within a week

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

The Broadway and stage actor Lionel Mackinder (Berkshire Regiment) a lance corporal dies of wounds when shot in the throat by a sniper at age 46. He performed in many light musicals from 1895 to last year many of these with Mr. Edwardes’ management at the Gaiety. He was one of the first actors to enlist at the outbreak of the war.

  • Captain Denzil Onslow Cochane Newton MVO (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) dies of wounds at age 35. He is the son of Lady Alia Newton and the first Canadian Officer to lose his life in the Great War. During the night he loses his way while walking through the lines between two outposts and finds himself in No Man’s Land going towards the German trenches. Turning back he is challenged by his own men but fails to respond. The sentry on duty fires and recognizes his officer’s voice as he falls. The sentry at once climbs over the parapet and drags Captain Newton into safety but he dies shortly thereafter. His last words are to state that he was not where he should have been and the sentry was doing his duty.
  • Lieutenant Robert Evelyn Orlebar (Middlesex Regiment) is killed in action at age 20. He is the first of only two Orelbar’s who lose their lives in the Great War, the second dies within a week.
  • Private Arthur Vines (Northamptonshire Regiment) dies of wounds at age 24. His brother will be killed in April 1917.

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