Tuesday 12 January 1915 – We Lost 105

by greatwarliveslost

cap badge of the West Yorkshire Regiment

cap badge of the West Yorkshire Regiment

British troops from Zanzibar land on Mafia Island, twenty-two miles off the Rufiji River Delta, and capture it.  It has been used by the Germans to observe British naval activities.  The landing is achieved under a covering fire from HMS Fox.

German forces counter-attack at Jassin (German East Africa) in a surprise move.  The assault is repulsed with a loss of 5 British wounded against 4 Germans killed and 20 wounded and missing.

Union forces occupy Raman’s Drift (Orange River).

Today’s losses include:

  • A family that will lose five sons in the service of King and Country
  • Son of an author of religious pamphlets
  • The father of a man who will be killed in 1916

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

 Second Lieutenant Arthur Douglas Richardson (West Yorkshire Regiment) dies of enteric fever and pneumonia contracted on service at home at age 28.  He is the son of ‘Sir’ Thomas and Lady Anna Constance Richardson. He is one of five brothers who will lose their lives in the service of their King and Country four in the Great War after one was lost in a submarine accident in 1912. His mother is an author of religious pamphlets Prayers for Family Worship and Parish Meetings and A Simple Message to God’s Word.

  •  Private Charles Chapman Senior (Bedfordshire Regiment) dies at home at age 42. His son will be killed serving in the same regiment in March 1916.