Friday 15 January 1915 – We Lost 100

by greatwarliveslost

Nicholas II Medal for Zeal

Nicholas II Medal for Zeal

The cargo ship SS Thracea with a cargo of munitions and supplies gets caught in the ice off Archangel and the battleship HMS Jupiter is dispatched to take her in tow and get her to port. With great difficulty and hardship the Jupiter gets a towline on the Thracea and gets underway for Archangel. The tow rope breaks under the strain and volunteers are requested to man the longboat and retrieve the ends of the towrope and splice it together. Sixteen men man the longboat and do the job done. The Thracea is saved and towed to Archangel and the men who manned the longboat will be awarded a special silver medal for zeal and bravery personally on 4th August 1916 by the Tsar of Russia.

Today’s losses include:

  • A Count of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Two families that will lose another son in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

Captain Cyril Henry Wickham (Royal Fusiliers) Count of the Holy Roman Empire dies of wounds at age 36. He is the son of the Honorable Mrs. Wickham Countess of the Holy Roman Empire and daughter and co-heiress of the 11th Lord Arundell. His brother was killed last October.

  • Captain Basil John Orlebar (Bedfordshire Regiment) is killed in action. He is the second of only two Orlebar’s to lose his life in the Great War, both being killed within a week of one another.