Wednesday 20 January 1915 – We Lost 104

by greatwarliveslost

The Welsh Regiment is in the trenches near Bethune. The weather is appalling, and to liven the evening, two soldiers, Lance Corporal William Price and Private Richard Morgan, get drunk and shoot the company sergeant-major, a man named Hughie Job Hayes.  Ironically Hayes is killed by mistake, as the two soldiers had intended to kill their platoon sergeant, an unpopular man who had been making their lives miserable.  Hayes dies at age 32 after serving 18 years in the army including service in the South African Campaign. Price and Morgan will be shot on 15 February for the murder and ironically buried in the same cemetery as Company Sergeant Major Hayes.

HMS Weymouth shells Jassin with no effect.

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

 Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Wilson Cruddas DSO (Dogras commanding 4th Suffolk) is killed at age 48.