Thursday 4 February 1915 – We Lost 136

by greatwarliveslost

Notice is given in the Imperial Gazette, signed by the chief of the German naval staff, that “waters around Great Britain and Ireland are declared in the war zone.” “On and after 18th February every enemy merchant vessel found in this region will be destroyed without its always being possible to warn the crew and passengers.  Neutral ships will also incur danger in the war region, since…it cannot be guaranteed that attacks intended for enemy ships will not affect neutral ships also.  Vessels sailing to the north of the Shetlands, in the eastern part of the North Sea, and in a zone at least thirty knots wide along the Netherlands coast, are not menaced by any danger”.  On the same day instructions are given to commanders that “hospital ships are to be spared; they may only be attacked when they are obviously used for the transport of troops from England to France.”

German forces attack Kakamas in the northwest Cape Colony but are repulsed.

British casualties on the Western front to this date are placed at approximately 104,000.

Today’s losses include:

  •  A man whose two brothers will be killed in the Great War
  • The grandson of a Judge of the Indian Civil Service

 Today’s highlighted casualty is

 Captain Lionel Francis Abingdon Cochran (Punjabis) dies of wounds received in the defense of the Suez Canal at age 32.  He is the grandson of Abingdon Compton, Judge of the Indian Civil Service.

  •  Sergeant George Burrowes (Lincolnshire Regiment) is killed at age 34. His two brothers will also be killed in the Great War.