Saturday 6 February 1915 – We Lost 123

by greatwarliveslost


Shot at dawn memorial

Shot at dawn memorial

British forces capture a brickyard east of Guinchy.

The River class destroyer HMS Erne runs aground off Rattray Head, Aberdeenshire.  There are no casualties.

The third double execution of the war takes place as two privates of the Royal Scots Fusiliers are convicted of attempting to desert.  Privates Andrew Evans and Joseph Byers are shot at dawn by a firing squad.  One of the earliest volunteers to be executed by firing squad is Private Byers , who had falsified his age to get into the army, is just sixteen years old when he is shot.  Byers had been posted to France just two weeks after enlisting goes absent without leave, and is sentenced to be shot. Significantly, Byers’ comrades who make up the firing squad are reluctant to shoot him, and it is rumored that he is killed only after a third volley.