Sunday 28 February 1915 – We Lost 133

by greatwarliveslost

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Cross

The Admiralty issues a specification for a new class of airship capable of searching for submarines in coastal waters.  It requires the rapid development of a small airship with a maximum speed of 50 MPH, capable of eight hours flying time, carrying a crew of two and 160 lb of bombs plus a wireless telegraph with a range of 30 miles and “capable of being flown by young midshipmen with small-boat training”.

The Royal Flying Corps has a Vickers FB5 accidentally captured. This delivers a barely used example of Britain’s first ever purpose designed fighter to the enemy. It is in fact the first FB5 to reach France.

A German submarine is rammed by S S Thordis after it has fired a torpedo at the merchant ship. Lieutenant John William Bell (Royal Naval Reserve) will be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his gallant and spirited conduct in ramming the German submarine.

Today’s losses include:

  • The Reverend Charles Antonio Marona (Chaplain to the Garrison at Newhaven) dies at home at age 56. He is the rector of Holy Trinity Church Hurstpierpoint.