Tuesday 2 March 1915 – We Lost 233

by greatwarliveslost

Rear Admiral Sackville Carden reports that he hopes to be through to Constantinople in about two weeks. The naval bombardment of the Dardanelles is resumed, while two battleships, the Triumph and Swiftsure, are detached from the Dardanelles force to operate off the Gulf of Smyrna and Vice Admiral Richard H Peirse, Commander in Chief of the Egypt and East Indies station, is ordered to proceed to Smyrna with the cruiser Euryalus, accompanied by minesweepers and a seaplane carrier. His orders are to destroy the forts protecting the harbor to facilitate a blockade and leave the port itself open to attack.

Today’s losses include:

  • The son of a Major General
  • The eldest son and heir to Lord Auckland
  • A family that will lose another son in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties are

 Captain Herbert Guy Turner (Cheshire Regiment) is killed at age 36. He is the son of Major General S Compton Turner Director General of Military Works India.

  • Lieutenant ‘the Honorable’ William Alfred Morton Eden (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) the eldest son and heir to Lord Auckland is killed in action at age 23.
  • Private John Campbell (Cameron Highlanders) is killed at age 19. His brother will be killed in May.