Monday 12 April 1915 – We Lost 165

by greatwarliveslost

Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross

Private Robert Morrow (Irish Fusiliers) is awarded the Victoria Cross for most conspicuous bravery near Messines when he rescues and carries successively to places of comparative safety, several men who have been buried in the debris of trenches wrecked by shell fire.  Privae Morrow carries out this gallant work on his own initiative and under heavy fire from the enemy.

At Shaiba, southwest of Basra, a British and Indian force of 6,000 routs more than 10,000 Turks, stimulating a sense of British superiority, while there is indecisive fighting at Kurna and Ahwaz.  Major George Godfrey Massy Wheeler (Lancers Indian Army) is awarded the Victoria Cross for most conspicuous bravery at Shaiba.  He asks permission to take out his squadron and attempt to capture a flag, which is the center point of a group of the enemy, who are firing on one of our pickets. He advances and attacks the enemy’s infantry with the lance, doing considerable execution among them.  He then retires while the enemy swarm out of hidden ground and formed an excellent target for our Royal Horse Artillery guns.  (See tomorrow).

Today’s losses include:

  • The son of a Major General
  • The son of a Justice of the Justice of the Peace
  • A man whose brother will be killed next month on Gallipoli

 Today’s highlighted casualties are

  •  Lieutenant Colonel William Sandilands Harrison (Royal Army Medical Corps) dies of illness at home at age 43. He is the son of Jonathan Harrison JP and served in Tirah 1897-8.
  • Major William Archibald Smith Walker (Punjabis attached Baluchis, Jacob’s Horse) is killed in Myima, East Africa. He is the son of a Major General and has a brother who will be killed in 1918.
  • Trooper Thomas Henry Mossman (Otago Mounted Rifles) dies of pneumonia in Egypt. His brother will be killed next month on Gallipoli.