Monday 12 July 1915 – We Lost 1,135

by greatwarliveslost

Ayr United FC

Ayr United FC

The 1/4th and 1/7th Royal Scots move forward in reserve to the 155th and 157th Brigades early in the morning.  Later they advance in support of the 1/4th Scots Fusiliers at 12:00. They are then in action at trench E11, the objective being rushed and cleared gains being held. Lieutenant Colonel Peebles in his report of the action specially mentions the work of the machine gun team, all six men being mentioned by name and recommended for special awards.  The casualties of the composite battalion are placed at thirty-one officers and other ranks killed, seventy-five wounded and seventeen missing.

Once the two remaining brigades of the 52nd Division have landed (the 155th and 157th Brigades) Hunter-Weston plans new attack for today in the center of the line east of the Krithia Road and along Achi Baba Nullah (also known as Kanlı Dere and Bloody Valley) where the Royal Naval Division has spent most of its time at Helles and suffered so badly during the third battle of Krithia. It is expected that due to heavy Turkish losses in the previous battle, morale will be low.

The plan is for one brigade to attack in the morning and the other to attack in the afternoon so that the full weight of artillery support will be lent to each brigade. The 155th Brigade will attack at 07:35 and the 157th at 16:50. Bombardment begins 04:30 from land, sea and air. 14 Allied planes participate in softening up the Turkish defenses, one of the first such combined actions in military history.

Both attacks begin well with the capture of the first Turkish trench but descend into chaos and confusion as, in a repeat of the April and May Helles battles, the troops advance too far, lose contact and come under artillery and machine gun fire. The next morning confusion and panic will result in a disorderly retreat which will eventually be halted but Hunter-Weston orders the advance to resume and sends the battered Royal Naval Division in again. They suffered a further 600 casualties on this occasion but the line is stabilized.

An attack takes place on Bushire, the headquarters of the British Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, but is successfully repulsed by the 96th Infantry, who form the Residency guard.  The guard will then be reinforced by the 11th Rajputs.

Today’s losses include:

  • Two players for the Ayr United Football Club
  • The superintendant of the Glasgow Art Galleries and Museums
  • The son of a Writer to the Signer
  • A battalion commander
  • The son-in-law of a Victoria Cross winner
  • A man whose son was killed earlier in the Great War
  • The Secretary to the Berkhamsted and Northchurch Conservative & Unionist Association
  • The son of Baronet
  • Multiple men who will have a brother killed in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties are:

  • Lieutenant Colonel John McNeile (commanding 4th King’s Own Scottish Borderers) is killed. He is the son-in-law of Lieutenant Colonel John Augustus Conolly VC.
  • Captain Edward Geoffrey Chubb (West Surrey Regiment) is killed at age 46. His son was killed in April of this year serving in the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. He was a former member of the Berkhamsted Urban District Council and Secretary to Berkhamsted and Northchurch Conservative & Unionist Association.
  • Lieutenant Patrick Francis Considine (Royal Scots) dies of wounds in Malta at 22 received leading a bombing attack against Turkish trenches on 28th His brother will be killed in September.
  • Lieutenant Gerald Edmund Bradstreet (Royal Engineers) is killed on Gallipoli at age 25. He is the son of ‘Sir’ Edward Bradstreet 7th
  • Lieutenant Robert Henry Morris Carmichael (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) is killed in action during the attack on Achi Baba at age 20. His older brother will be killed in April 1918.
  • Second Lieutenant James Gilbert Hamilton-Grierson (Royal Scots Fusiliers) is killed in action at Gallipoli at age 28. He is the son of ‘Sir’ Philip J. Hamilton-Grierson Kt and a Writer to the Signet.
  • Lance Corporal Gilbert Anderson Ramsay (Highland Light Infantry) is killed at age 35 on Gallipoli. He is the superintendant of the Glasgow Art Galleries and Museums
  • Private David Oag (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) is killed at age 19. His brother will be killed in October 1917.
  • Private Henry Hayward Harrison (Auckland Mounted Rifles) is killed at age 27. His brother will be killed in less than one month.

Two players for the Ayr United Football Club are killed in action on Gallipoli serving in different units.

  • Corporal John Bellringer (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) is killed in action at age 23. He was a reserve player for the Ayr United Football Club and has a brother who will be killed in 1917.
  • Private Samuel Herbertson (Royal Scots Fusiliers) is killed at age 26. He was a goalkeeper for the club.