Wednesday 28 July 1915 – We Lost 163

by greatwarliveslost

George Watson's College

George Watson’s College

German pilots drop three bombs on St. Omer at midnight.  They also drop a message to say they are going to bomb the town daily throughout the next week until it is destroyed. The damage done is slight a baker’s shop being wrecked and one other house being damaged.

The 1/5th Royal Scots return to Gallipoli, landing at “V” Beach, Helles during the evening and move to “X” Beach.

Today’s losses include:

  • The brothers killed together that are remembered in George Watson’s College Ford Prize
  • A man who is the son of a member of the clergy
  • The Aide de Camp to Lieutenant General Birdwood
  • Multiple men who will have a brother killed in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties are:

  • Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) dies of wounds at age 20 received eight days previously bringing a wounded corporal into a place of safety during an enemy bombardment. He is the son of the Reverend George Edmund Warlow Vicar of Ledsham.
  • Lieutenant Brian Walton Onslow (King Edward’s Own Lancers, Indian Army Probyn’s Horse) is killed in action at Gallipoli at age 22. He is the Aide de Camp to Lieutenant General ‘Sir’ William R Birdwood and he has a brother who will be killed in November 1917.
  • Corporal Wilfred Moores (Cheshire Regiment) dies of wounds on Gallipoli at age 18. His brother will be killed next June.
  • Privates and brothers George Turner Ford (age 36) and Charles Henry Ford (age 34) are killed together at Gully Ravine Gallipoli. The Ford Prize at George Watson’s College will be given in their honor for the winner of the 220 race.