Tuesday 7 September 1915 – We Lost 190

by greatwarliveslost

Lanoe George Hawker

Lanoe George Hawker

Captain Lanoe George Hawker (Royal Flying Corps) records his 7th and final victory before being posted back to England to from 24th Squadron, the Royal Flying Corps first single-seater fighter squadron.  He returns to England as the first British ace of the war.

The 1/5th Royal Scots sail on Osmanieh to return to Suvla.

Today’s losses include:

  • The son of a Baronet
  • Multiple men who will lose a brother in the Great War

Today’s highlighted casualties are:

  •  Captain Henry Basil Knott (Northumberland Fusiliers) dies of wounds at age 24. He is the son of ‘Sir’ James Knott the 1st His brother will be killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme next year. Their father will make arrangements after the war for Henry’s brother James to be exhumed and buried alongside his brother in the only such happening of this after the war.
  • Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Brian Hobbs (Royal Flying Corps) is accidentally killed at Martin Hill, near Dover. His brother was killed in action in May of this year.
  • Private Joseph Squire (Saskatchewan Regiment) is killed in action at age 31. His brother will be killed tomorrow.