Sunday 19 September 1915 – We Lost 488

by greatwarliveslost

Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Royal Newfoundland Regiment

A class of men attached to the Grenade Company of the 3rd Guards Brigade is being instructed in throwing live bombs from a sap head into a small trench 25 yards away when one of the men becomes nervous and after igniting his bomb drops it behind him.  Lance Corporal Percy Warwick (Grenadier Guards) at once picks the bomb from between the legs of several men and throws it out of the trench.  The bomb explodes immediately after being thrown away. For his actions Private Warwick will be awarded the Albert Medal.

The Newfoundland Regiment arrives at Suvla shortly after 21:00.  Within the first twenty-four hours one officer and eight men of other ranks are wounded.    In recognition of the unit’s valour during the later battles at Ypres of 1917, King George V will bestow the regiment with the prefix “Royal” on 28 September 1917.

Today’s losses include:

  • The son of a Baronet
  • The son of an Admiral
  • A competitor in the 1912 Olympics and team Silver medal winner
  • The member of a family that between the South African War, The Great War and the Second World War will lose a father and five sons

 Today’s highlighted casualties are:

  • Lieutenant Roger Poore (Royal Field Artillery) is killed at age 29. He is the son of Admiral ‘Sir’ Richard Poore 4th
  • Lieutenant Harcourt Ommundsen (Honourable Artillery Company) who finished 7th in the 1912 Stockholm Olympic 600 meter, any position military rifle competition and was on the silver medal winning team military rifle teams dies of wounds received in action. He is 37-years old.
  • Lieutenant Ernest McKay (Cheshire Regiment) is killed on Gallipoli at age 21. He is one of three brothers who will lose their lives in the Great War. Their father and another brother died on service during the South African War and a fifth brother will be killed fighting the Japanese in 1942.