Friday 5 November 1915 – We Lost 268

by greatwarliveslost

HMS Tara

HMS Tara

The Armed Boarding Steamer HMS Tara is torpedoed and sunk while the transport Moorina is sunk by gunfire from the German submarine U-35 in the eastern Mediterranean. Tara suffers ten casualties while the Senussi who are fighting the Italians inters the ninety-five survivors along with those of the Moorina. Four of the survivors will die during their captivity that will end when they are rescued by a column of the Duke of Westminster’s armored car squadron that will make a one hundred twenty mile dash across the desert from Bir Hakim.

Submarine E20 negotiates the Dardanelles Narrows for a rendezvous with the French submarine Turquoise in the Sea of Marmora. Unfortunately, the Turquoise has been abandoned leaving behind confidential books, which gave the enemy information regarding the rendezvous.  UB-14 is waiting for the British submarine and promptly sinks her with one torpedo. Nine survivors, including her commander Lieutenant Commander Clyfford Harris Warren are picked up by the German submarine and made prisoners. Twenty-seven of her crew members are killed.

The Newfoundland Regiment advances its front line to the ridge that has been held through the previous night by two small patrols and place machine guns in commanding positions. The ridge will be known afterwards as Caribou Hill.

The Germans surrender Banyo Cameroon to the British.

Today’s losses include:

  • A battalion commander
  • A man whose son will die in the influenza outbreak of 1918 on service
  • Multiple men who will have brothers lose in the Great War
  • A Rosslyn Park Rugby footballer
  • The son of a member of the clergy
  • The son of a Justice of the Peace

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Alexander William Abercrombie (commanding 2nd Connaught Rangers) dies of wounds as a prisoner of war at age 50. His 22-year old son will die of wounds December 1918 during the influenza outbreak.
  • Major Ralph Henry Leeke (Rifle Brigade attached King’s Africa Rifles) dies of black water fever at Mzima, Tsavo River in British East Africa at age 31. His brother will be killed next April and they are sons of Colonel and ‘the Honorable’ Mrs. Leeke.
  • Captain Richard Bowie Gaskell Glover (Royal Fusiliers) is killed at age 31. He is a Rosslyn Park Rugby footballer.
  • Captain William Harald Barker (Royal Garrison Artillery) dies of wounds received on Gallipoli at age 34. He is the only son of William Chichester Barker the Canon of Dromore.
  • Lieutenant Henry Sigismund Oppe (Yorkshire Regiment) is killed in action at age 35. His brother will be killed in action in May 1917.
  • Second Lieutenant Frank Noel Tuff (East Kent Mounted Rifles) dies of wounds on Malta received 23rd October on Gallipoli. He is the son of Charles Tuff JP and his brother was killed in April of this year.
  • Private Frederick Morgan (Welsh Regiment) dies on Malta of illness contracted on Gallipoli at age 20. His brother will die of wounds in August 1918.