Monday 6 December 1915 – We Lost 161

by greatwarliveslost

Second Lieutenant Thomas Barnard Hankey (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) is in charge of a party under instruction in throwing live grenades from a catapult.  A live grenade is placed in the pocket of the catapult, the fuse lit, and the lever released. The grenade for some reason is not thrown by the catapult, and falls out of the pocket to the ground. Second Lieutenant Hankey is standing on the other side of the catapult to that on which the grenade lay, seizes it, and throws it away.  The fuse is a short five-second fuse, and the grenade explodes upon hitting the ground 15 yards away.  There are eight men near the catapult at the time and ten others not far away.  This is the third such effort performed by Lieutenant Hankey and will lead to him being awarded the Albert Medal.

Today’s highlighted casualty:

  • Lieutenant Robert Aslin (HMS Hyacinth, Royal Naval Reserve) dies of wounds in East Africa. He is one of four Great War casualties buried in Entebbe European Cemetery.