Sunday 9 January 1916 – We lost 178

by greatwarliveslost

Shortly before 04:00 the abandoned ammunition dumps at Cape Helles are blown up. Captain Herbert Rendell, Captain Joe Nunns and four men of other ranks of the Newfoundland Regiment are the last of the Allied troops to push away from the side of the old “River Clyde” which has been beached there on the first day of the landing on the Peninsula to serve as some sort of a pier.  The final evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsular is completed – with only one casualty.  Captain Rendell will be killed in September 1918.

The Turks fall back to the Wadi.

At 14:30 a German floatplane is spotted by the Dover Castle anti-aircraft battery approaching the harbor at 6,700 feet. It is attacked by the guns and after flying towards the Royal Naval Air Service aerodrome, it turns out to sea having completed its reconnaissance mission.

HMHS Britannic returns to Southampton with her first cargo of 3,300 wounded and sick military personnel.  Her patients are transferred to waiting trains for transport to hospitals in London.

Today’s losses include:

Lieutenant Edmund Wallis Beck (Bedfordshire Regiment) is killed in action at age 26.  His brother was killed in March 1915.