Tuesday 18 January 1916 – We Lost 120

by greatwarliveslost

The submarine H6 (Lieutenant Robert Nevill Stopford) runs aground off the island of Schiermonikoog.  A boat from the destroyer HMS Firedrake brings off 2 officers, 10 men and the ship’s papers.  The remainder of the crew including the commanding officer are rescued by the Dutch and interned at Groningen.  The submarine will be pulled off the sand by the Dutch in a month and the British will sell her to them at that time.  She will be taken over by the Germans during the invasion of Holland in World War II and used as a training boat.

The Turks repulse a British column west of Kurna, Mesopotamia.

British-Franco warships bombard the Bulgarian coastal town of Porto Lagos.

Today’s losses include:

  • Rifleman Harry George Libby (London Regiment) is killed in action at age 21. His brother will die of wounds in April 1918.