Monday 24 January 1916 – We Lost 171

by greatwarliveslost

Hugh Reginald Freston

Hugh Reginald Freston

The Military Service Bill passes the House of Commons.

A German floatplane targets Dover and Folkestone apparently taking photographs of the previous day’s raids. The aircraft appears over the Capel airship sheds at 15:45 then turns northeast and is seen over Dover sixteen minutes later.

Today’s losses include:

  • Great War Poet
  • The son of a member of the clergy
  • The brother of a Victoria Cross winner
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Second Lieutenant Hugh Reginald Freston (Berkshire Regiment) is killed by a trench mortar in a skirmish at La Boisselle at age 24. He is a graduate of Dulwich and Exeter Colleges, a Great War Poet and author of “The Quest for the Truth” and other poems.

The March

We were splashing along the muddy lanes:

And as I walked behind the long column,

I saw the men’s shoulders swing to and fro;

And as they jolted along unevenly,

Marching at ease,

Their song came back to me on the wind;

And my heart sang with them.

When suddenly,

As the wind will sometimes cease at twilight,

Their song faded and died

And then,

Looking round,

I saw, and in a glance understood

We were passing the little graves…

Lonely and silent, I saw them side by side,

In the little new-made grave-garden:

There slept the soldiers of England;

There the heroes had found their peace.

  • Lieutenant J H C Herald (Durham Light Infantry) dies of wounds received in action at age 21. He is the son of the late Reverend W D Herald, and was taking the Holy Orders.  He also served as an Intelligence Officer.
  • Lieutenant Robert Theodore Manners Downie (Highland Light Infantry) dies of wounds at home at age 25. His brother will be killed in March 1918.
  • Private John Harry Horlock (Dorsetshire Regiment) dies during the siege of Kut Mesopotamia. He is the brother of Victoria Cross winner Ernest George Horlock who will himself be killed in December 1917 in the sinking of the transport Arragon