Thursday 27 January 1916 – We Lost 215

by greatwarliveslost

Cyril Morton Home

Cyril Morton Home

The Military Service Bill (conscription) becomes law in Britain.  All unmarried men and widowers 18 – 41 years of age without dependents are deemed to have enlisted.

  • A: General Service.
  • B1: Garrison Service Abroad.
  • B2: Labour Service Abroad.
  • B3: Sedentary Work Abroad.
  • C1: Garrison Service at Home Camps.
  • C2: Labour Service at Home Camps.
  • C3: Sedentary Service at Home Camps.

The Official History records the physical standards defining each category:

  • A: Able to march, see to shoot, hear well and stand active service conditions.
  • B: Free from serious organic diseases, able to stand service on the lines of communication in France, or in garrisons in the tropics.
  • B1: Able to march five miles, and see to shoot with glasses and hear well.
  • B2: Able to walk five miles to and from work, see and hear sufficiently for ordinary purposes.
  • B3: Only suitable for sedentary work.
  • C: Free from serious organic disease, able to stand service conditions in garrison at home.

British monitors again bombard Westeinde, Belgium.

Part of the Turkish positions at Kut is flooded and the Turks fall back 2,000 yards.

German forces camp at Nkan, German East Africa.

Today’s losses include:

  • A musical comedy performer on Broadway and Great War Poet
  • A man whose nephew will be killed in March 1945
  • A Justice of the Peace
  • The son of a Justice of the Peace
  • The last in a line of 10 Baronets
  • The son of a member of the clergy
  • A man whose brother will be killed in the Great War
  • A member of the 1908 Bronze Medal winning Olympic pistol team

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Cyril Morton Horne (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) is killed at age 29 by an artillery shell at Loos while attempting to rescue a wounded soldier. He is a Great War poet and musical comedy performer and ironically after his death Songs of the Shrapnel Shell and Other Verse is published. His first major role most likely came in early 1910 as Lieutenant Varga in The Balkan Princess at London’s Prince of Wales Theatre. Later that year Horne traveled to America aboard the SS Amerika where he would appear in four Broadway musical productions over the next few seasons. Horne played The Honorable Richard Mirables opposite Emmy Wehlen in Marriage a la Carte at the Casino Theatre in January, 1911. In November of that year Horn began a successful run as Captain Graham in Little Boy Blue at the Lyric Theatre and later at the Grand Opera House. He played Billy Brand in the less than successful production of The Charity Girl staged at the Globe Theatre in October, 1912. Horne’s final Broadway performance came in the spring of 1913 at the Globe Theatre as Capt. Etienne de Bouvray in a revival of Modiste.
  • Captain John Cardross Grant MC (Cameronians) is killed at age 23. His nephew will be killed in March 1945.
  • Lieutenant Robert Archibald Peacock (Cameronians) is killed at age 22. He is the son of Robert Archibald Peacock JP.
  • Second Lieutenant Thomas Murray Miller (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) is killed at age 21 while attending a wounded man. He is the son of the Reverend John Miller.
  • Second Lieutenant Robert Marcus Filmer JP MC (Grenadier Guards) the 10th and last Baronet dies of wounds at age 37. He served on the Nile 1898 and in South Africa 1899-02.
  • Private Geoffrey Horsman Coles (Royal Fusiliers) is killed at age 44. He was a member of the 1908 Olympic bronze medal winning team pistol team while finishing 11th in the individual pistol event.
  • Able Seaman John Jones Usherwood (HMS Newcastle) dies of tuberculosis at age 22. His brother died of wounds in November 1914.