1 February 1916 – We Lost 197

by greatwarliveslost

The Zeppelin L19 on its return flight from the bombing mission over England last evening suffers engine difficulties.  She does not clear the English coast until 05:25 and is further delayed over the North Sea before being holed by Dutch rifle fire from the Friesian Islands.  Sometime afterwards three of her four engines fail and she comes down at sea.

The first merchant ship to be sunk by aerial bombs is the cargo ship Franz Fischer.  She is destroyed by a German Zeppelin two miles off the Kentish Knock killing thirteen of her crew including her Master.

The armed merchant ship SS Appam, manned by a German prize crew, arrives at Norfolk, Virginia.  She will be released by a United States Court two gunners having been made prisoner of the Germans.

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Brigadier General William James St John Harvey General Officer Commanding 19th Brigade 7th Indian Division dies of wounds received in action in the attack on Hanna, on the River Tigris, Mesopotamia on 20 January. He dies at age 43.