Friday 25 February 1916 – We Lost 162

by greatwarliveslost

Edward Campion

A force of Senussi attacks the British column at Wadi Maktil just before the British are about to depart to make an attack themselves.  They open fire with two field guns and a machine gun. The Royal Scots and the South African Regiments quickly deploy and silence the enemy at very little loss.

H M Drifter Lily Reaich (Skipper Robert Grant RNR age 22) is sunk by a mine off Durazzo. Her skipper is killed along with nine other members of the crew.

 Today’s losses include:

  • A man whose brother was killed in the South Africa War
  • A man whose son will die of wounds later in the Great War
  • A man whose brother will be killed in the Great War
  • The son of a Justice of the Peace

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Major (Acting Lieutenant Colonel) Edward Campion (Seaforth Highlanders) dies of gassing at home received in May of last year at age 42. He is the third son of W H Campion CB who served in the same regiment in the Crimea and Indian Mutiny. His brother Charles was killed in the South Africa War as a Lieutenant in the Imperial Yeomanry in 1901.
  • Major and Quartermaster Harry Studley (Black Watch) dies on service at home at age 52. His son will die of wounds in October 1917.
  • Captain Hugh Clifford Chetwode Lloyd (Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry) is killed at age 24. His brother died of wounds last April.
  • Second Lieutenant Eric Arthur Walton Wood (Duke of Wellington’s Regiment) is killed in action at age 20. He is the son of Dr. Arthur Wood JP.