Friday 7 April 1916 – We Lost 305

by greatwarliveslost

Horace Robert Martineau VC

Horace Robert Martineau VC

At 21:00 an artillery bombardment is fired at Fallahiyeh just to raise some activity in the Turkish trenches so they can be observed.

Lieutenant Horace Robert Martineau (Otago Regiment) dies in Dunedin Hospital as a result of gastritis and haematemesis (the vomiting of blood due to prolonged erosion of the stomach lining). As the illness is a continuation of the sickness he first contracted while on Gallipoli, Martineau is categorized as having died after discharge from the NZEF from disease contracted while on active service. On the 26th December, 1899, during the fight at Game Tree, near Mafeking, when the order to retire had been given, Sergeant Martineau stopped and picked up Corporal Le Camp, who had been struck down about 10 yards from the Boer trenches, and half dragged, half carried, him towards a bush about 150 yards from the trenches. In doing this Sergeant Martineau was wounded in the side, but paid no attention to it, and proceeded to stanch and bandage the wounds of his comrade, whom he, afterwards, assisted to retire. The firing while they were retiring was very heavy and Sergeant Martineau was again wounded. When shot the second time he was absolutely exhausted from supporting his comrade, and sank down unable to proceed further. He received three wounds, one of which necessitated the amputation of his arm near the shoulder. For his actions he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

British armoured cars raid Moraisa (18 miles northeast of Sollum) in Western Egypt.

Today’s losses include:

  • A Victoria Cross winner
  • A county cricket player
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War
  • A man whose twin brother was killed last year
  • A family that will three sons in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Alexander Gordon Cowie (Seaforth Highlanders) dies of wounds in Mesopotamia at age 27. He played cricket for Hampshire and Cambridgeshire Regiment.
  • Captain Cecil Hamilton Clibborn (Punjabis) is killed at age 29. His brother was killed last December.
  • Lieutenant Francis Robert Heuston (Quebec Regiment) is killed at age 22. His twin brother was killed in August 1915 on Gallipoli.
  • Second Lieutenant Hugh Valentine Cholmeley (Grenadier Guards) is killed in action at age 28. His younger brother will die on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.
  • Second Lieutenant Charles Frisch (Indian Army Reserve of Officers attached Gurkha Rifles) is killed in Mesopotamia at age 29. He is one of three brothers who will be killed in the Great War.