Thursday 1 June 1916 – We Lost 738

by greatwarliveslost

During the transshipment of the crew of HMS Warrior to HMS Engadine this morning one of the severely wounded from the Battle of Jutland (Able Seaman Alexander John Norman Reid age 19) owing to the violent motion of the two ships is accidentally dropped overboard from a stretcher and falls between the ships. As the whips are working most dangerously the Commanding Officer of the Warrior forbids two of his officers from jumping overboard to attempt the rescue the wounded man as he considers that it will mean their almost certain death. Before he can be observed however Flight Lieutenant Frederick Joseph Rutland (Royal Naval Air Service, HMS Engadine) goes overboard from the forepart of the ship with a bowline and works himself aft. He succeeds in putting the bowline around the wounded man and in getting him hauled on board but it is then found that the man is dead having been crushed between the two ships. Lieutenant Rutland’s escape from a similar fate is miraculous. He will be awarded the Albert Medal.

Three bombing parties of the King’s Liverpool Regiment attack up Ersatz Alley, Boyau Hartung and Boyau Gobron.  They make several attempts to close with the enemy but eventually are ordered to abandon the assault after suffering about 80 casualties.

H M Drifter Beneficent (Skipper Robert Duthie RNR) is sunk by gunfire near Sarnichey Light Vessel in the Adriatic.  Her skipper is killed at age 50.

Today’s losses include:

  • A Naval Chaplain
  • A man who will lose two brothers in the Great War and have a third brother killed in the Second World War
  • The son of a General
  • A man whose son will be killed in the Second World War
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Chaplain Henry Dixon Dixon-Wright MVO (HMS Barham Royal Navy) dies of wounds received the previous day at the Battle of Jutland at age 46.
  • Lieutenant Arthur James Austen-Cartmell (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) is killed at age 23. His brother will be killed next November.
  • Lieutenant James McCall Maxwell (Royal Field Artillery) the son of Brigadier General J McC Maxwell CB DSO is killed in action at age 21.
  • Company Sergeant Major Charles Neilson (Gordon Highlanders) is killed at age 26. He has two brothers that will be killed in the war and their youngest brother will be killed in World War II.
  • Corporal Tom Budgen (Royal West Kent Regiment) is killed at age 29. His brother will be killed in October.
  • Private Thomas Crispin (Essex Regiment) is killed at age 26. His brother was killed last November.
  • Private Thomas Ridge (Northamptonshire Regiment) is killed in action. His son Gunner Harold Thomas Ridge (Royal Artillery) will be killed in July 1942.
  • Private Ernest McIntyre (Gloucestershire Regiment) dies on service at home at age 33. His brother will be killed in June 1917.