Saturday 19 August 1916 – We Lost 806

by greatwarliveslost

HMS Nottingham

The cruiser HMS Nottingham is struck at 06:00 by two torpedoes fired by U-52 in the North Sea. Twenty-five minutes later a third torpedo fired by the German submarine strikes the cruiser and she sinks at 07:10. There are thirty-eight casualties and four hundred forty-two survivors. In concert with the submarine U-66, U-52 also has a hand in sinking the cruiser HMS Falmouth. She suffers twelve casualties and there are three hundred seventy-five survivors.

By dawn this morning both German and Danish vessels are in the waters in the area where the submarine E13 ran aground two days before. Under International Law a belligerent warship is allowed sanctuary in neutral waters for up to 24 hours.  At 05:00 E13 is informed by a Danish ship that she has 24 hours within which to re-float. With all previous attempts having failed E13 attempts to gain a tow from the Danish vessels in the area. At 09:28 two German destroyers are seen to be closing a high speed and flying the signal “Abandon Ship Immediately”.  The destroyers open fire with torpedoes and machine guns. The crew of E13 is caught unaware and immediately abandons the submarine for the Danish ships and internment.

Today’s losses include:

  • Multiple sons of Generals
  • The Vice President of King Edward VII School Johannesburg South Africa
  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy
  • A soldier murdered by another soldier
  • Multiple families that will two and three sons in the Great War

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Hubert John Daniell (Brownlow’s Punjabis) is killed in action in Baghdad at age 28. He was a Staff Captain throughout the Siege of Kut and the son of Major General ‘Sir’ J F Daniell KCMG.
  • Captain Charles Percy Hill (North Staffordshire Regiment) is killed in action at age 49. He is the Vice-Principal of King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Lieutenant Francis Malloch Gibson (Central Ontario Regiment) is killed at age 22 at Armentiers. He is the son of Major General ‘Sir” John M Gibson KCMG.
  • Second Lieutenant Thomas Henry Irving (Liverpool Regiment) is killed at age 22. He is the son of the Reverend Canon Thomas Henry Irving Vicar of Hawkshead.
  • Regimental Sergeant Major James Reuben Scott (Canadian Army Service Corps) is shot through the back at age 43 by Driver Benjamin De Fehr. De Fehr will be executed for murder in less than one week.
  • Sergeant Frederick Abbotts (Royal Fusiliers) is killed in action at age 22. His brother will be killed in March 1918.
  • Private Frederick George Mason (Gloucestershire Regiment) is killed in action at age 17. His two brothers will also be killed in the Great War.
  • Private Aubrey Barrow Mogg (Central Ontario Regiment) is killed at St Eloi at age 27. His brother will be killed in November 1917 and they are sons of Canon Mogg Vicar of Bishop’s Cannings.
  • Private B McDonald (Cameron Highlanders) is killed at age 21. His brother will be killed in the merchant marine next January.
  • Private George Thomas Palmer (East Kent Regiment) is killed at age 24. His brother will be killed next July and he also will lose two cousins in the war, the first in the sinking of HMS Russell last April while the second is the first black commissioned officer in the British Army Walter Tull who will be killed in 1918.