Thursday 7 September 1916 – We Lost 626

by greatwarliveslost

Noel Aldridge

Noel Aldridge

Chaplain the Reverend Noel Aldridge dies of pneumonia in the Transvaal at age 37. He entered school in 1893 and left in 1897, after which he took a B.A. degree at Liverpool University. In 1901-2 he fought in the South Africa War as a sergeant in the Royal Engineers. Returning to England in 1903 he entered Lichfield Theological College, and was ordained in the same year. He returned to South Africa, and in 1906 was vicar of Rodepoort, and in 1910 of Cleveland, Transvaal. When the war broke out he took an Army Chaplaincy and served through the campaign in German South-West Africa, being mentioned in despatches. He was worn out as the result of this campaign and would have come home, but it was important that ‘St. George’s Home’ an orphanage of which he had been appointed ‘Head.’ should be built. At this he worked as bricklayer, joiner, etc., and got everything in order; but three days before the chapel is to be opened he dies, after five days’ illness.

Today’s losses include:

  • A military chaplain
  • The son of a man who was killed in South Africa in February 1900
  • A man whose brother was killed in the Great War
  • A man whose lost two brothers in the Great War
  • Brothers and civilian test pilots whose brother was killed earlier this year at Kut

 Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Lieutenant William Felix MacCarthy-O’Leary (Munster Fusiliers) is killed at age 22. He is the son of Lieutenant Colonel William MacCarthy-O’Leary (commanding 1st South Lancashire Regiment) who was killed leading them in a charge at Pieter’s Hill on 27th February 1900.
  • Second Lieutenant Allan James Cleghorn (Gordon Highlanders) is the first of three brothers to lose his life when he is killed at age 20. His two brothers will be killed over the next two years.
  • Private Albert Wilkinson (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) dies of wounds received in action at age 36. He is a veteran of the South Africa War.
  • Private James Keiller (Black Watch) is killed at age 19. His brother will die of wounds in June 1917.
  • Civilian brothers Pilot Ralph Oliver and Observer Allan Frank Lashmore employees of J Samuel While Aircraft Builders are killed when the Wight Landplane they are testing crashes on the Isle of Wright. Ralph is 28 while Allan is 24. Their younger brother was killed at Kut last April and a fourth brother will be killed in the loss of submarine K5 off the Isle of Scilly in January 1921.