Sunday 14 January 1917 – We Lost 250

by greatwarliveslost

James Wilfrid Haynes Park

James Wilfrid Haynes Park

The special service ship HMS Penhurst (Commander F H Grenfell DSO) sinks the German submarine UB-37 in the English Channel. Two crew members of the Penhurst are killed.

Today’s losses include:

  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy
  • The son of a General
  • A family that will lose three sons in the Great War
  • A man whose son will be killed in the Second World War
  • A member of the Essex County Constabulary
  • A man whose brother will be killed next October

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain James Wilfrid Haynes Park (Sam Browne’s Cavalry Frontier Force) is killed in Mesopotamia at age 28. He is the son of the Reverend James Park Rector of Gosforth.
  • Captain Frederick Herbert Cumberland Wilcox (Lancashire Fusiliers) is killed at age 28. He is the son of Major General E R C Wilcox who has already lost two sons in the Great War.
  • Second Lieutenant Hubert Darrell Hughes (Welsh Fusiliers) is killed at Kut at age 19. He is the son of the Reverend Llewellyn R Hughes Chaplain to the Forces at Conway Camp.
  • Corporal Frank Leslie Olver (Warwickshire Regiment) is killed. His son will lose his life in the Second World War.
  • Lance Corporal William Martin (Scots Guards attached Machine Gun Corps) is killed. He is a member of the Essex County Constabulary.
  • Private Joseph Westfell Heavan (Norfolk Regiment) is killed in action. His brother will be killed next October.