Made the same woman a widow in the Great War

by greatwarliveslost

Maurice Howard Helyar

Charles Gosling

  • Brigadier General Charles Gosling & Captain Maurice Howard Helyar (both men will die before their only child is born from their widow Victoria Repps Evans-Lombe
  • Major Ernest Cole Fleming & Captain George Armand Furse
  • Major George Bernard Stratton & Captain Percy Yarborough Harkness
  • Captain William Leefe Robinson VC & Captain Herbert Connell Whipple
  • Sergeant Christopher Loomes & Lance Corporal Albert Hewitt
  • Sergeant Charles Isidore Laugeard & Gunner Walter Gaudin Mason
  • Corporal Noel Clayton & Private Gerald Clarke
  • Private Edwin Curley & Private Bryen Sidney Smither
  • Private George Henry Berry & Private Robert Herring
  • Stoker George Thomas Illing & Stoker Percy Franklin