Great War Lives Lost

We died 100 years ago in the War to end all War

Many families will suffer the loss of four and five sons in the Great War

  • Five sons of William and Julia Annie. Souls, of Great Barrington, Oxford
  • Five sons of the Reverend Prince William Thomas Beechey and Amy Beechey of 197 Wragby Rd, Lincoln Rector of Friesthorpe
  • Five sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stewart, of Leeds
  • Five sons of the late Alexander and Elizabeth Cranston of St Martin’s Gate Haddington East Lothian
  • Five sons of the late Lewis and Ada Jarvis of Bedford
  • Five sons of James and Margaret Munn of Clydebank
  • Five sons of Christiana Charlotte and the late John Robert Stooke of Carlby, Stamford, Lincolnshire
  • Five sons of Sergeant William Prior (a sixth son was killed on service in 1912)
  • Five sons of ‘Sir’ Thomas Richardson
  • Four sons of W and C George of South Creake Fakenham Norfolk (a fifth will be killed in the Second World War
  • Four sons of Arthur French the 4th Baron de Freyne of Coolavin
  • Four sons of Andrew and Margaret Mochrie of Kilbirnie, Ayrshire (three of whom were killed on 25 September 1915) serving in different Regiments and all commemorated on the Loos Memorial
  • Four sons of ‘the Honorable’ Mrs. Maxwell-Stuart of Dorset
  • Four sons of Mr. and Mrs. James Catto, of 101, South St., Elgin
  • Four sons of Captain and Mrs. Frederick C Loder-Symonds of Hilton Manor Faringdon
  • Four sons of John and Elizabeth Haynes of Birmingham
  • Four sons of Mathida S C Bruback Forest Hill, London
  • Four sons of James and Elizabeth Ellis of Leominster
  • Four sons of the Reverend and Mrs. Charles Henry James Vicar of Haigh
  • Four sons of the Reverend and Mrs. Francis Henry and Amy Baring
  • Four sons of Truman and Agnes Brighton of Launceston, Cornwall
  • Four sons of James and Elizabeth Lynn of Mousetown, Coalisland, Co. Tyrone
  • Four sons of Samuel Joseph and Kate Garraway
  • Four sons of Charles Gleed
  • Four sons of Major William De Courcy Stretton of Park Hill House
  • Four sons of Thomas and Jemina Clayton of Hawick Roxburghshire
  • Four sons of William Dalby Pipe and Emma Starland
  • Four sons of Hugh Fraser of Holyrood Terrace Edinburgh
  • Four sons of John and Jane Wilkins Vine Cottage Clewer
  • Four sons of Agnes Collins Waterford
  • Four sons of Samuel and Fanny Browning East Ham, London
  • Four sons of Thomas and Mary Ann Burgess of Sunbury Middlesex
  • Four sons of Ernest and Mary Clarke of Railway Villas, Herts.
  • Four sons of Charles and Emma Cooke of London
  • Four sons of David and Janet McClelland of Danevale Crossing
  • Four sons of Mrs Susan Neil of 2 Kinnaird Street, Dundee
  • Four sons of Mrs. Eva Zimmerman, of 34, Kensington Gardens, Balsall Heath Rd., Birmingham
  • Four sons of Patrick and Mary Hartnett, of Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • Four sons of Mrs. A N Quinn of Lower Sydenham
  • Four sons of Reverend C. H. and Emily James, of Epperstone Rectory, Nottingham. Born Haigh, Wigan
  • Four sons of Alexander and Helen Allan Farquharson, of Cross Roads Cottage, Knockando, Morayshire
  • Four sons of Alexander and Ann Jane Farquhar, of 47, Warrington St., Blackburn
  • Four sons of Elizabeth Beatham of Glassonby, Cumberland
  • Four sons of William and Mary Ellen Waterfall, of 172, Over Lane, Belper, Derby
  • Four sons of Nora Kay Anderson, of “Strathairley” Largo, Fife, and the late W. J. Anderson CBE
  • Four sons of James and Mary McCheyne of New Galloway
  • Four sons of Thomas and Sarah McGee of Stuntney, Ely Cambridgeshire
  • Four sons of Alfred and Constance Rebecca Bradford of 70 Beach Road Eastbourne
  • Four sons of the late John and Mary Twynam of Droxford
  • Four sons of John Joseph and Beatrice Bell of Tyne House Brocklesby Road South Norwood London
  • Four sons of James Wyld and Primrose Marianne Roose Brown of Eastrop Grange Highworth Wilts
  • Four sons of William Henry and Thirza Gratton of Landkey Newland Barnstaple Devon
  • Four sons of Walter and Elizabeth Annie Ware of Havant Road Cosham Hants
  • Four sons of Francis and Mary Taylor, of Norton Cottage, Kincardine-O’Neil, Aberdeenshire
  • Four sons of the late Hely-Hutchinson and Mrs. E F Almond
  • Four sons of James and Agnes Doublas of Selkirk
  • Four sons of Peter and Elspet Tocher of Aberdeen
  • Four sons of Anthony and Juliet Mary Christophers
  • Four sons of Son of Henry and Mary A Simpson of Whitehill, Winchcomb
  • Four sons of Anne and Henry Brazier of Broughton Green, Hanbury
  • Four sons of Charles and Emma Barlow of Madingley Cambridgeshire
  • Four sons of James and Susannah Harman of Watcombe Road Watlington Oxon
  • Four sons of Donald MacLeod of Stornoway Ross-Shire
  • Four sons of John Henry and Harriet Williams of Lydd, Kent
  • Four sons of William and Mary Reid of Woodside Disblaire
  • Three sons of Canon William Shuckforth Grigson who will lose two more sons in the Second World War

Friday 27 July 1917 We Lost 592

Ivan Beauclerk Hart-Davies

While acting as a scout for a patrol Private Thomas Barratt (South Staffordshire Regiment) works his way towards the enemy line in spite of continuous fire from hostile snipers at close range.  He stalks these snipers and kills them.  Later his patrol his patrol is similarly held up and again he disposes of the snipers. During the subsequent withdrawal of his patrol it is observed that a party of the enemy is endeavouring to outflank them. Private Barratt at once volunteers to cover the retirement, and this he succeeded in accomplishing. His accurate shooting causes many casualties to the enemy and prevents their advance. After safely regaining our lines, this very gallant soldier was killed by a shell at age 25. For his actions this day Private Barratt will be awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.

During bombing instruction a bomb hits the parapet and falls back into the trench which is occupied by Lieutenant Frederick Leonard Houghton (Royal Warwickshire Regiment), a non-commissioned officer and the man who has thrown the bomb. The non-commissioned officer shouts to the man to seek cover which he can easily do but the man remains crouching near the bomb.  Lieutenant Houghton has already moved himself to safety but on hearing the shouts of the non-commissioned officer runs back into the trench, seizes the bomb and throws it over the parapet where it at once explodes. Had he not returned from his place of safety into danger the man would almost certainly have been killed. For his actions Lieutenant Houghton will be awarded the Albert Medal.

With his patrol engaged Lieutenant George Thomas William Burkett (Royal Flying Corps) engages a superior force of enemy machines, and although wounded early in the engagement, he continues to fight. He brings down two hostile machines, and drives off two more whilst returning to our lines with his own machine badly damaged. In spite of this, however, he succeeds in making a good landing.

The Zeppelin sheds at Brussels are bombed by 27th Squadron.

Lieutenant Ivan Beauclerk Hart-Davies (Royal Flying Corps) is accidentally killed at home at age 41. He is the son of the Reverend John Hart-Davies. He played Rugby for Hampstead Wanderers, Blackheath and Midlands. He is a renowned veteran motorcyclist and holder of the final Lands End to John O’Groats U.K. record for solo motorcycles. In June 1911 riding his 3.5hp single-speed Triumph he covered the 886 miles in 29 hours 12 mins. As his speed exceeded the then maximum of 20mph further official record attempts were banned by the Auto Cycle Union.

Today’s losses include:

  • The second Rhodes scholar to be killed in two days
  • A Victoria Cross winner
  • A Rugby player
  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy
  • A record holding motorcycle rider
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Harold Gerard Hans Hamilton (Border Regiment) is killed at age 23. He is the son of the Reverend Charles Hamilton Vicar of Holybourne.
  • Lieutenant William Arthur Marshall Boissier (Royal Marine Artillery) is killed. He is the son of the Reverend Frederick Scobell Boissier Vicar of Denby.
  • Second Lieutenant Norman Lindley Watt (King Edward’s Horse attached Royal Flying Corps) a Rhodes Scholar is killed at age 27.
  • Private John Wellings (North Staffordshire Regiment) is killed in Basra. His brother was killed in September 1914.
  • Shoeing Smith William Allen (Royal Field Artillery) is killed at age 31. His brother died of wounds in the first December of the war.
  • Private Harold George Summers (Gloucestershire Regiment) dies of wounds at age 21. His brother will die while training at home in February 1917.
  • Private Edward Baker Godfrey (Manitoba Regiment) is killed. He is the son of the Reverend George Godfrey Vicar of Redbourne.