Great War Lives Lost

We died 100 years ago in the War to end all War

Tuesday 18 September 1917 We Lost 528

                      Arnold Dargie

The destroyer Contest is torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in the Western approaches of the English Channel while assisting the torpedoed steam ship City of London.  Thirty-five members of her crew are killed. The City of Lincoln suffers 9 casualties but does not sink.

Troops of the York and Lancaster Regiment raid German positions in Inverness Copse.

Today’s losses include:

  • A battery commander
  • A Bangor FC and International footballer

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Roger Orme Kerrison (Cavalry attached Australian Field Artillery) dies of dysentery at age 44.
  • Major Arnold Dargie (Royal Garrison Artillery) is killed at age 26. He is an international football goalkeeper who also played for the Bangor Football Club.
  • Gunner Jarvis Humpston MM (Royal Field Artillery) is killed in action at age 20.

Relatives of well known people

Raymond Asquith

  • Raymond Asquith – son of the Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, great granduncle of the actress Helena Bonham-Carter and brother-in-law of Edward William Horner reportedly a direct descendant of “Little Jack Horner”
  • Brian Trevor Roper Melland & Frederick Bernard Melland – nephews of Prime Minister Asquith
  • Charles John Bonar Law & James Kidston Law – sons of the Right Honorable Andrew Bonar Law, Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • John Pitcairn Robley – nephew of the Right Honorable Andrew Bonar Law, Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • John and William Nicholas Eden – older and younger brother of ‘Sir’ Anthony Eden future Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • Samuel Arnold Atkinson – son of the late ‘Sir’ Harry Atkinson KCMG Prime Minister of New Zealand 1876-7, 1883-4 and 1887-91
  • Robert Stafford Arthur Palmer, George Edward Gascoyne-Cecil, and three brothers John Arthur, Rupert Edward and Randle William Gascoyne-Cecil all grandsons of the former Prime Minister Lord Salisbury
  • Maurice Berkeley Peel – grandson of the former Prime Minister Robert Peel (his son will be killed in the Second World War)
  • William Glynne Charles Gladstone and William Herbert Gladstone (cousins) – grandsons of the former Prime Minster William Edward Gladstone
  • John Geddes – great great uncle of Prime Minister David Cameron
  • Richard John Spotswood Seddon – the son of the late Right Honorable Richard Seddon, Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Pandit Lal Atal – the grandson of the Prime Minister of Jaipur State Rajputana.
  • Relatives of Winston Churchill
    • Norman Jerome Beauchamp Leslie – cousin
    • Coulson Churchill Fellowes – cousin
    • Gordon Chesney Wilson – uncle by marriage
    • Wilfred Frederick Temple Sheridan – married to the sculptor Clare Frewen a cousin of Churchill
  • Valentine Fleming – Conservative Member of Parliament and the father of Ian Fleming the creator and author of the James Bond character
  • John Hugh Allen – son of the Honorable ‘Sir’ James Allen KCPMP High Commissioner in London for New Zealand and creator of the New Zealand Naval forces in 1913
  • Carol Edward Vere Awdry – brother of the Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry author of the children’s book Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Lionel Martineau Lupton, Maurice Lupton and Francis Ashford Lupton – great great uncles of Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge
  • Greville Hubert Robins Blount – great grandfather of singer-songwriter James Blount
  • Victor Gordon Tupper – the grandson of the Prime Minister of Canada
  • Francis Edward Bradshaw Isherwood – father of Christopher Isherwood whose best known work The Berlin Stories became adapted as the musical Cabaret
  • Harold Flinders Mitchell – father of Dame Roma Flinders Mitchell the first Australian woman to be a judge, a Queen’s Counsel, a chancellor of an Australian university and the Governor of an Australian state.
  • William Worsley Ashcroft – Father of Dame Peggy Ashcroft the 1984 Academy Award winner for best supporting actress for the film A Passage to India
  • Harold F Marion-Crawford – father of the actor Howard Marion-Crawford who appeared in both The Longest Day and Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Alfred Thomas Shaughnessy – grandfather of Charles Shaughnessy the actor who will play Maxwell Sheffield on the television series “The Nanny”
  • Henry Lex Francis Adam Gielgud – cousin of the actor ‘Sir’ John Gielgud
  • Reginald Henry Lutwidge Dodgson – nephew of Lewis Carroll
  • Frank Helier and William George Lawrence two brothers of Thomas Edward Lawrence of Arabia
  • Cyril Holland – eldest son of Oscar Wilde
  • Francis Herbert Thorndike – brother of actress Dame Agnes Sybil Thorndike
  • Henry Lyndhurst Bruce – husband of Camille Antoinette Gibson, the original ‘Gibson Girl’
  • Bertram Falkner Cartland – His daughter Barbara will be one of the world’s most prolific authors (his two sons will be killed in World War II)
  • Erasmus Darwin – the grandson of the naturalist Charles Darwin
  • Cedric Charles Dickens – the grandson of the author Charles Dickens
  • Richard Wellesley – grandson of the Duke of Wellington
  • William Edward Graham Niven – father of the actor David Niven
  • Alexander Gerald Wordsworth – great grandson of the Poet William Wordsworth
  • Brothers Harold Courtenay Tennyson & Alfred Aubrey Tennyson grandsons of Alfred ‘Lord’ Tennyson.
  • Brothers Alan Knyveton Hargreaves and Leopold Reginald Hargreaves – sons of Alice Liddell Hargreaves the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland
  • Arthur Oscar Hornung – son of the author Ernest William Hornung (creator of ‘Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman’)
  • John Kipling – the only son of Rudyard Kipling. His body is not initially identified and when he is buried in a Commonwealth War Graves Commission grave the headstone carries the words “Known Unto God”. The phrase, standard in British war cemeteries, was created by one of the first and most diligent members of the war graves commission – Rudyard Kipling
  • Henry William Bourne Palin – Great uncle Monty Python actor Michael Palin
  • John Maclean Rolls – brother of the co-founder of Rolls Royce
  • Edward Harold Brittain – the brother of the author Vera Brittain
  • Desmond Gavan Duffy – son of the 4th Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia
  • John Stanser Rich – son of the Puisne of the High Court of Australia
  • Brothers Richard Hensleigh O’Connor and Roderic Alan Edward O’Connor – sons of Justice of the Supreme Court of South Wales Richard Edward O’Connor
  • Edmund Lally Howell – son of the Honorable Hector Howell Chief Justice of Manitoba
  • Earl Elbert Gardiner and Edwin L. Gardiner brothers of the future Premier of Saskatchewan
  • Colin Ernest Williams – grandson of ‘Sir” George Williams founder of the YMCA
  • Edward William Horner – reported to be a direct descendant of ‘Little Jack Horner” of the nursery rhyme fame
  • Richard Nelson Bendyshe – grandnephew of Lord Horatio Nelson
  • Ernest Bowes Shelley and Cecil William Charles Shelley – grandnephews of Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley
  • Cecil Edwin Hunt – father of the Leader of the 1953 Mount Everest Expedition which will lead to the first conquering of the mountain by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
  • Robert Charles Evans – father of the Deputy Leader of the 1953 Mount Everest Expedition
  • Walter Sterndale-Bennett – great grandson of composer ‘Sir’ William Sterndale Bennett
  • Harry Olivier Sumner Gibson – First cousin of Lord Laurence Olivier
  • Samuel Pepys Cockerell – Distant cousin to the diarist Samuel Pepys
  • Joseph Gorman – brother of the part owner of the original Ottawa Senators NHL team
  • Alban Bodley Mace – brother is an Egyptologist who will be a member of the team that discovers Tutankhamen’s tomb and will die of suspected arsenic poisoning five years after the death of Lord Carnarvon
  • Joseph Standing Buffalo – grandson of Chief Sitting Bull of Battle of Little Big Horn fame
  • Cameron Donald Brant – great great grandson of Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant who sided with the British during war for American Independence