Tuesday 5 February 1918 We Lost 275

by greatwarliveslost

Leonard Monteagle Barlow

The German submarine UB-77 sights the convoy HX-2- seven miles north of the Rathlin Island lighthouse. The German fires two torpedoes at the troopship Tuscania at 17:40, the first of which misses, the second scores a direct hit.  By 19:00 all the ship’s lifeboats have been launched, but approximately 1,350 men remain on board.  The convoy’s escorting destroyers assist in removing these men, but are hampered by the continuing presence of the German submarine.  The Tuscania finally sinks at 22:00, over four hours after being struck, two hundred thirty lives being lost.

Today’s losses include:

  • The ‘Gadget King”
  • Two Aces
  • A 12-victory ace
  • An 11-victory ace
  • The Headmaster at Buxton College
  • The son of a member of the clergy
  • A London Rowing Club oarsman

Today’s highlighted casualties include

  • Lieutenant Leonard Monteagle Barlow (Royal Flying Corps) is accidentally killed while testing a Sopwith Dolphin at age 19. As an SE5 pilot, he was known for his resourcefulness, “The Gadget King” developed a method to fire his Vickers and Lewis machine guns simultaneously with a single trigger. He is a 12-victory ace.
  • Lieutenant Harry Sackville Lawson (Royal Field Artillery) is killed at age 41. He is the Headmaster of Buxton College Derbyshire 1911-1917 and the son of the Reverend Robert Lawson.
  • Lieutenant Thomas McKenny Hughes (King’s Royal Rifle Corps attached Royal Flying Corps) is killed in action at age 34. He is a prominent London Rowing Club oarsman the son of the Woodwardian Professor at Cambridge. He won both the Junior Championship at the Molesey Regatta and the Junior-Senior Sculls at the Kingston Regatta.
  • Flight Sub Lieutenant Harold Day (Royal Naval Air Service) is killed when his Sopwith Camel breaks up and crashes while diving on an enemy Albatros DV. He is an 11-victory ace and dies at age 20.