Saturday 2 March 1918 We Lost 201

by greatwarliveslost

Submarine H5

The submarine H5 (Lieutenant Arthur Walter Forbes DSO) is sunk while on a routine patrol between Britain and Ireland with the loss of all twenty-eight of her crew, after being spotted by the British cargo ship SS Rutherglen under the belief she is an enemy submarine.  She had been on the surface in the Irish Sea recharging her batteries and is rammed by the merchant ship.  Though the steamer reports she passed through a group of survivors no attempt is made to pick them up. The crew members of the Rutherglen are paid a bounty for sinking the submarine but are never told it was a British submarine. Lieutenant Forbes son will be born 26th June and he is the son of Captain William Balfour Forbes Albert Medal winner.  Among those on board the H5 is the

  • Lieutenant (jg) E W F Childs USN – the first American to be killed on a submarine in warfare. +
  • Lieutenant ‘Sir’ John Henry Algernon Anson the 5th Baronet age 28. He is the son of Rear Admiral Algernon Horatio Anson.

Today’s losses include:

  • The first American sailor to die in submarine warfare
  • The son of an Admiral
  • The son of an Albert Medal winner
  • A man whose son will be in the Second World War

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • SS Kenmare (Master Peter Blacklock) is sunk by a submarine 25 miles northwest from Skerries, Anglesay. Chief Engineer Thomas Murphy is among the 29 crew members including the Captain killed. He dies at age 34. His son will be killed as a merchant marine apprentice on 19 December 1940 serving on SS Amicus.