Sunday 19 May 1918 We Lost 636

by greatwarliveslost

Edmund William Furse

Three Gothas are shot down during a raid on England and a fourth crashes through bad flying.

S S Snowden (Master John Lewis Owen) is sunk eighty-four miles from Malta carrying coal to England. Her master is killed at age 29 along with one other crew member.

Today’s losses include:

  • A battalion commander
  • An Artillery brigade commander
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War
  • The grandson of a general
  • A man whose brother will die on service in the Second World War
  • The son of a member of the clergy

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Frederic Beauchamp Dennis DSO (commanding 7th/8th King’s Own Scottish Borderers) is killed at age 37. Grandson of General ‘Sir’ John Dennis
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edmund William Furse Chevalier of the Legion of Honor (commanding 88th Brigade Royal Field Artillery) is killed in action at age 41. His younger brother was killed in 1914.
  • Surgeon Lieutenant Alfred Leslie Pearce-Gould (Royal Navy attached Royal Marines) is killed in action at age 31. He is the son of ‘Sir’ Alfred Pearce-Gould and a brother will die during World War II as a Surgeon Rear-Admiral.
  • Sub Lieutenant Mervyn Henry Wollaston Trendell (Royal Air Force) dies of injuries at age 18. He is the son of the Reverend G J W Trendell.
  • Trooper T de Renzy (Life Guards) dies of wounds received in action at age 24. His brother was killed in action in September 1917.
  • Private Henry Gorey (Labour Corps) dies of gassing 8 days prior at age 39. His brother will die of gassing received in the same battle in September 1918.
  • Private John James Dawson (1st Canadian General Hospital, Canadian Army Medical Corps) is killed at Etaples during an enemy air raid at age 18. On 2nd January 1913, his thirteenth birthday, he saved two other boys from drowning in the St Lawrence River near Montreal.
  • Private John Robert Parker (Northamptonshire Regiment) dies of wounds at age 32. His brother died of wounds in April 1917 at Gaza.