Monday 10 June 1918 We Lost 485

by greatwarliveslost

William Edward Parsons

An explosion occurs on board H.M. Motor Launch 64. Immediately after the explosion Commodore ‘Sir’ James Startin KCB Royal Naval Reserve proceeds alongside ML 64, the engine-room of which is still burning fiercely. On learning that Chief Motor Mechanic Herbert Mann (RNVR) is below, he springs down the hatch without the slightest hesitation, and succeeds in recovering the body practically unaided. In view of the fact that the bulkhead between the engine-room and the forward tanks had been blown down by the force of the explosion, and that the fire is blazing upon the side and on the top of the forward tanks, which are composed of exceedingly thin metal and are consequently liable to burst at any moment, the action of Commodore Startin in entering the engine-room before the fire is subdued shows the utmost possible gallantry and disregard of personal safety. Had the engineer not been past human aid he would undoubtedly have owed his life entirely to the courage and promptitude of Commodore Startin who will be awarded the Albert Medal for his actions.

Petty Officer William Sunley (HMS Low Tyne) is one of three killed when his ship is torpedoed by UB-34.  He dies at age 27 and has two brothers who will also lose their lives in the Great War. Seaman Roderick MacKenzie (SS Borg Royal Naval Reserve) is killed when his ship is torpedoed by UB-103. He is one of twenty-four casualties and dies at age 19. He has two brothers who will also be killed in the war.

 Today’s losses include:

  • A 13-victory ace
  • The 5th Earl of Rosse
  • Multiple families that will lose two and three sons in the Great War

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Major William Edward Parsons (Irish Guards) the 5th Earl of Rosse dies suddenly at Birr Castle, Ireland at age 44.
  • Thirteen victory ace Captain John Gerald Manuel DSC (Royal Air Force) is killed at age 25 in a collision with Second Lieutenant Francis Coupe Dodd who is also killed at age 22.
  • Corporal Lionel Roy Lukin (Australian Infantry) is killed. His brother was killed in August 1915.
  • Private William Wallace Boustead (Border Regiment) dies at home at age 30. His brother was killed in April 1917.
  • Private John Frances Bray (Northumberland Fusiliers) dies at home at age 18. His brother was killed in action in August 1915.