Saturday 29 June 1918 We Lost 399

by greatwarliveslost

Motor Launch 482

A fire breaks out on board Motor Launch No. 483 while refueling alongside the jetty at Pembroke Dock, the fire being caused by the ignition of an overflow of petrol from a hose.  Leading Seaman Charles Davie Millar (HMS PC 51) is walking up and down the forecastle of his ship, on seeing the flames break out on the upper deck of the motor launch rushes afte and removes the primers of the depth charges on board. He then forces his way through the flames and kicks the hose overboard his clothes igniting as he does so. Having extinguished his burning clothing by jumping overboard, he climbs back on board and assists in getting the motor launch in tow.  For his actions he will be awarded the Albert Medal.

Captain Allan Hepburn and Sergeant Ernest Antcliffe shoot down a Fokker D VII near Bois Grenier, while Lieutenant William Wheeler and Second Lieutenant Thomas Sydney Chiltern (Royal Air Force) achieve two victories over D VII’s, the first northwest of Dixmude and the second at Ghistelles. The second victory they share with three other pilots and observers, Captain K R Simpson and Sergeant Charles Hill, Lieutenant Robert Cullen and Lieutenant Edward Ward and Lieutenant Kenneth Conn and Second Lieutenant Bertram Smyth.

The destroyer HMS Lysander finds the Captain’s lifeboat from the HMHS Llandovery Castle.  The crew is taken aboard and the boat left to its fate.

A depth charge explodes prematurely on HMS Vivien killing three.

The steamer Sixty Six (Master C Rounce) is torpedoed and sunk three miles east from Scarborough by UB-88. Six are killed including her skipper.

 Today’s losses include:

  • A man whose son will be killed serving in the Royal Air Force in January 1945
  • The only grandson of a Justice of the Peace
  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Lieutenant Arnold Theobald MC (Royal Scots) dies at age 28. He is the son of the late Reverend G A Theobald.
  • Lieutenant James Noel Gatecliff (Royal Air Force) is shot down in flames and killed at age 20. He was the only grandson of John Charles Stead JP.
  • Second Lieutenant John Albert Gordon Smyth (Machine Gun Corps) is killed in action at age 33. He is the son of the Reverend H A Smyth.
  • Private Roy Hammersley Field (London Regiment) is killed in action at age 19. His brother was killed in September 1917.
  • Private Francis Andrew Lyon (Australian Infantry) dies of illness at age 32. His son will be killed in the Royal Air Force over Yugoslavia in January 1945.
  • Private Henry James Lane (Somerset Light Infantry) is killed. His brother will be killed in less than four months.