Wednesday 17 July 1918 We Lost 434

by greatwarliveslost

RMS Carpathia rescuer of Titanic sinking victims

The Cunard liner Carpathia the ship that in 1912 picked up the survivors of the Titanic disaster is struck by two torpedoes fired by a German U-boat.  The ship is traveling in convoy, bound for Boston from Liverpool and is some one hundred twenty miles west of Fastnet.  A third torpedo hits the ships as the lifeboats are being manned.  The explosions kill five of the crew.  The remainder of the crew and the one hundred fifty-seven passengers on board are picked up by HMS Snowdrop and safely brought back to Liverpool.  The Carpathia sinks at 12:40 the following morning.

Today’s losses include:

  • A 6-victory ace
  • A 5-victory ace
  • The son of a member of the clergy
  • Multiple families that will lose two and three sons in the Great War

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Christopher Percy Evill MC (Royal Engineers) is killed. He is the son of the Reverend Henry Marten Evill Vicar of St Martin’s Hereford.
  • Captain Claud Robert James Thompson (Royal Air Force) is accidentally killed in England at age 26. He was a six-victory ace.
  • Lieutenant Horace Murray Tollemache (Hampshire Regiment) is killed in action at age 27. He is the son of the late Honorable Murray Arthur Tollemache who has six other sons who are action in the forces.
  • Sergeant J W Abbotts (North Staffordshire Regiment) is killed in action at age 26. His brother will die at home while serving in the same regiment in August 1918.
  • Sergeant Edward Harper Sayers (Royal Air Force) is accidentally killed at home. He is a five victory ace.
  • Sapper William Mainwaring (Royal Engineers) is killed at age 28. His brother was killed in December 1915.
  • Private Oscar Bruce (Gloucestershire Regiment) is killed at age 30. His brother will die on service in August next year.
  • Private John Potts (Cheshire Regiment) dies on service in India. He is the last of three brothers who are killed in the Great War.