Monday 12 August 1918 We Lost 638

by greatwarliveslost

Harold Robertson Kissack

Captain Henry John Burden (Royal Air Force) with his flight attacks a large number of Fokkers, seven of which are destroyed. Captain Burden shoots down three of the enemy. Captain William Roy Irwin (Royal Air Force) leads his patrol to attack a large formation of Fokker biplanes, he himself accounting for two of them.

Frankfurt, Germany is attacked from the air for the first time in the Great War by twelve machines from 55 Squadron under the command of Captains Silly and Mackay.  They are attacked by forty scouts on their way to the target and throughout the return journey.  All machines return safely, though one observer is killed by enemy machine gun fire. Also on this day Quinell leading a formation of 104 Squadron has a fight that last for three quarters of an hour and when they have fought these Germans out of the air they fly to a German aerodrome and destroy the machines which they catch on the ground.

Lieutenant William Gordon Claxton (Royal Air Force) ends a nine-day period in which he will destroy ten enemy aircraft and one kite balloon giving him a total of thirty enemy machines and the one kite balloon.

Today’s losses include:

  • A Victoria Cross Cross winner
  • An 8-victory ace
  • A former member of the North West Mounted Police and Sheriff of Pincher Creek, Albert
  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Major Edward Norman Gilliat (Canadian Scottish) dies of wounds at age 35. He is the only son of the Reverend Edward Gilliat. He is a veteran of the South African War.
  • Captain Eric Archibald McNair VC (Sussex Regiment) dies in Genoa, Italy of dysentery at age 24. He was awarded the Victoria for his actions on 14th February 1916.
  • Captain Ivan Frank Hind an eight-victory ace (Royal Air Force) is shot down and killed at Brie by German ace Ernst Udet.
  • Lieutenant John Kershaw (Australian Infantry) is killed at age 27. He is the son of Reverend Samuel Kershaw, Moravian Church.
  • Lieutenant Mervyn Harman Salusbury-Jones (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) is killed in action at age 22. His brother was killed in September 1916 and they are sons of the Reverend Thomas Salusbury-Jones.
  • Lance Corporal Harold Robertson Kissack (Eastern Ontario Regiment) is killed in action at age 40. He is the son of the late Reverend Canon and former member of the North West Mounted Police and Sheriff at Pincher Creek, Alberta.
  • Lance Corporal Herbert Sharp (West Yorkshire Regiment) is killed in action. His brother will also lose his life in the Great War dying after the Armistice of wounds.
  • Private Charles Timms (Cheshire Regiment) dies of wounds at age 21. His brother was killed in November 1916.