Sunday 1 September 1918 We Lost 1,881

by greatwarliveslost

Alexander Henry Buckley VC

The first preliminary skirmishes are undertaken for the main assault at Lake Doiran in Salonika.  At 17:36 the Gloucester and Hampshire Regiments attack the Roche Noir Salient in the Vardar Valley in order to suggest to the enemy that the main attack might occur in this region.  They advance and capture the enemy first line before the Bulgars realize an attack is starting. All objectives are taken and the attack is a complete success, the Salient being captured.

Captain Allan Hepburn and Sergeant Ernest Antcliffe shoot down a Fokker D VII east of Becelaere.

General Dunsterville advises the authorities at Baku that unless the local defenders of Baku show more spirit in their defense he will be forced to withdraw his British troops. Lieutenant Colin Paget (Warwickshire Regiment) is killed in action during the retreat of the Baku expedition.  He was the Assistant Master at Wargrave School, Berkshire and has two brothers who die in the Great War, the first in October 1914 the second killed in October of this year.

At Peronne during operations after passing their first objective Corporal Alexander Henry Buckley’s (Australian Infantry) half company and part of the company on the flank are held up by a machine gun nest. With one man he rushes the post shooting four of the occupants and taking 22 prisoners. Later on reaching a moat, it is found that another machine gun nest commands the only available footbridge. While this is being engaged from a flank Corporal Buckley endeavors to cross the bridge and rush the post, but is killed in the attempt. Throughout the advance he displays great initiative, resource and courage, and by his efforts saves many of his comrades from becoming casualties. For his efforts Corporal Buckley will be awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.

The capture of Peronne takes place while British troops also take Bouchavesnes and Rancourt and make general progress south of Scarpe while on Lys front they advance and capture Neuve Eglise.

Today’s losses include:

  • A man who joined while under age, was discovered and sent home and rejoined last year
  • A Victoria Cross winner
  • Multiple families that will lose two and three sons in the Great War
  • The son of a Canadian Jurist
  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy
  • A rugby player and amateur actor

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain George Harry Oswald MC (Australian Infantry) is killed at age 30 the day after his brother was killed.
  • Second Lieutenant Lamont Livingstone Paterson (London Regiment) is killed in action at Priez Farm at age 24. He is the only son of Judge George Paterson of Winnipeg.
  • Second Lieutenant Christopher Brandram (London Regiment) is killed at age 19. He is the son of the Reverend J B Brandram (late C M S Japan).
  • Second Lieutenant George Gilson (London Regiment) is killed near Beaucheresnes. He is a keen rugby football player and amateur actor for many years associated with the Southend Operatic and Dramatic Society.
  • Second Lieutenant Mark Nettleship (King’s Own Scottish Rifles) is killed at age 25. His brother was killed last March.
  • Sergeant Haraold James Stephenson (Australian Infantry) is killed at age 21. His brother was killed last June.
  • Rifleman Enos George James Hughes (London Regiment) is killed at age 31. His brother was killed in March 1915.
  • Private Kenneth Richard Scott (Saskatchewan Regiment) is killed at age 20. He is the son of the Prebendary Percy Robert Scott Rector of St Peter’s Tiverton.
  • Private William Shadwell (Auckland Infantry) is killed at age 25. His brother was killed in May 1915.
  • Private Herbert Hallworth (Cheshire Regiment) is killed at age 40. He is the last of three brothers who are lost in the Great War.
  • Private Charles Henry Haggett (East Surrey Regiment) is killed at age 19. He served on Gallipoli with the East Kent Regiment until it was discovered in that he was under age in 1917 and he was sent home. He rejoined on his 18th