Tuesday 3 September 1918 We Lost 1,144

by greatwarliveslost

Reginald Godfrey Bateman

Lieutenant James Pomeroy Cavers (Royal Air Force) is attacked by six enemy aircraft while on escort duty protecting reconnaissance aircraft over the Balkan front.  To protect the slower aircraft he stays and fights until his aircraft is hit and falls into Lake Doiran.  He survives the crash and as he is swimming to shore the enemy fighters strafe and kill him in the water.  This is witnessed by other members of 150 Squadron, including Lieutenant F D Travers, Lieutenant W Ridley and Captain G C Gardiner, who then attack the enemy formation shooting four of them down.

Lieutenant Robert Reginald Richardson (Royal Air Force) drops two 230-pound bombs at an enemy submarine.  The first bomb detonates fifteen yards astern of the conning tower.  He then circles and drops another bomb twenty yards ahead.  No patrol vessels are available to assist.

Today’s losses include:

  • The son of a Jurist
  • An English professor at the University of Saskatoon
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War
  • A 13-victory ace

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Reginald John Godfrey Bateman (Saskatchewan Regiment) is killed at age 34. He is a Professor of English at the University of Saskatoon and his brother was killed six months ago.
  • Lieutenant Frederick Arthur Huycke (Royal Air Force) is lost at sea on a submarine patrol over the English Channel at age 21. He is the son of His Honor Judge Huycke.
  • Second Lieutenant Francis James Ralph DFC (Royal Air Force) a 13-victory ace is killed in action at age 25.
  • Private Ronald Alfred Cambpell-Johnston (British Columbia Regiment) is killed in action at age 29.  His brother was killed the previous day.