Wednesday 2 October 1918 We Lost 1,391

by greatwarliveslost


Maurice Lea Cooper

The Admiralty Chartered Oil Tanker Arca is torpedoed and sunk by the U-118 forty miles northwest of Tory Island. The ship catches fire and patrol boats are unable to render assistance due to a storm. Fifty-two of the crew are killed including

  • Gunner Kenneth MacLeod who drowns at age 33. His brother will die on service in September 1919.

Today’s losses include:

  • A 6-victory ace
  • Multiple families that will lose two sons in the Great War
  • Multiple sons of member of the clergy
  • A Welsh International Hockey and Football player
  • A highly reputed violinist
  • A man whose death will make his wife a two time Great War wido

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain Maurice Lea Cooper (Royal Air Force) a 6-victory ace is killed at age 19. Lieutenant Clement Wattson Payton DFC (Royal Air Force) is killed at age 21. His brother was killed in July 1916 and they are sons of the Reverend Joseph Wattson Payton Vicar of Calton.
  • Lieutenant Herbert Palmer (Lancers) is killed at age 30. His brother was killed in August 1915 on Gallipoli.
  • Second Lieutenant Henry Skelton (Lancashire Fusiliers) is killed at age 22. His brother will be killed next month.
  • Second Lieutenant Alan Thompson Watt Boswell (Royal Air Force) is killed in action at age 28. He is a former Welsh International Hockey and Football player.
  • Sergeant Cecil Francis Edwin Godby (Irish Fusiliers) is killed at age 20. He is a violinist of repute in the County of Somerset.
  • Sergeant Charles Isidore Laugeard DCM (Hampshire Regiment attached Irish Rifles) is killed in action. His widow’s first husband Gunner Walter Gaudin Mason (Royal Garrison Artillery) was killed in May 1915.
  • Lance Corporal George Bursey (Newfoundland Regiment) is killed. His brother was killed two years earlier.
  • Private Newton Marsden Shaw (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) dies of wounds received in action at age 18. His brother was killed in April 1918 and his parents will be with him when he dies.
  • Private Hugh Nelson Cannell (Wellington Regiment) is killed in action. He is the son of the Reverend W Cannell.