Tuesday 15 October 1918 We Lost 1,107

by greatwarliveslost

Submarine J6

The submarine J6 (Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Warburton) is lying on the surface outside Blythe.  The Q-ship Cymric is in the area and has already encountered two British submarines this day.  At 16:00 a third submarine is spotted closing to have what Cymric thinks is a good look before attacking.  The Cymric at once goes to action stations believing the submarine to be the German U-boat U-6.  As shells pour into the submarine the signalman attempts to hoist a recognition signal but is killed.  J6 attempts to lose the Q-ship by entering a fog bank but Cymric follows and finds the submarine settling in the water. It is only when survivors are picked up that the mistake becomes clear. Sixteen of her crew are killed.

Today’s losses include:

  • A Baronet
  • Families that will lose two, three and four sons in the Great War
  • A Military Chaplain
  • Multiple sons of members of the clergy

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Captain ‘Sir’ Walter Randolph FitzRoy Farquhar (Royal Field Artillery) the 5th Baronet is killed at age 40.
  • Cadet Claude Vivian Grigson (Cadet Wing – Royal Air Force) is accidentally killed at home at age 18. His two brothers have been previously killed in the Great War and they are sons of the Reverend William Suckforth Grigson Vicar of Pelynt.
  • Chaplain George Southey Pardoe dies on service in Jerusalem at age 41.
  • Gunner Herbert Colles Kennedy (Royal Field Artillery) dies at home of illness at age 19. He is the son of the Very Reverend Herbert Brownlow Kennedy Dean of Christ Church Dublin.
  • Sergeant William Shells (Durham Light Infantry) is killed at age 25. His brother was killed exactly six months ago.
  • Sapper James Henry Jarvis (Canadian Engineers) is killed at age 37. His four brothers are also killed in the War.