Tuesday 12 November 1918 We Lost 760

by greatwarliveslost

Though the Great War has officially ended the dying will  continue for a long time and we shall report on those whose lives will be lost.

The last action fought by British Empire forces in the Great War is fought between the 1st battalion King’s African Rifles and von Lettow-Vorbeck’s forces on the Milina River, Portuguese East Africa.  The action is later described as brisk.

Second Lieutenant Ian Hume Townsend MacKenzie (Highland Light Infantry) dies on service at home at age 20. He is a Great War Poet.


This is my desire

Which burns the fuel of my soul.

O terrible white fire!

Leaping to blister the sky.

Beyond my sight;

Ever reaching higher;

My strength and my delight;

Oh out of my control!

This is my desire:

To hear the song that beauty sings,

To refashion the earth with the joy of things,

To grasp in a corner of my mind

The sunlit clouds, the driving wind.

To let imagination fly

Up the beauty of the sky.

To hold it with me when I go

To sing my song on earth below

Today’s losses include:

  • A Great War Poet
  • The last of four brothers who lose their lives as a result of war service
  • A man whose brother was killed earlier
  • A woman whose husband was killed in September 1917
  • A man whose death leaves his wife a widow from the Great War

Today’s highlighted casualties include:

  • Corporal Noel Clayton (Royal Field Artillery) dies of being gassed and influenza after being discharged at age 25. His widow was widowed in November 1917 when her husband died of gassing.
  • Member Alice Ruth Arrmer (Women’s Royal Air Force) dies on service at home at age 25. Her husband was killed in action in September 1917.
  • Sapper John Alex Roberts (Royal Engineers) dies of pneumonia at age 23. His brother was killed in August of this year.
  • Sapper Charles Edward Simpson (Royal Engineers) dies in Palestine. He is the last of four brothers who lose their lives as a result of war service.